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So we weren't planning to do any room blocks, but a friend got us a deal at the Palms.  I'd like to include a card with our STD magnet with the room block information (in addition to posting on our website).  Here is what I have come up with so far.  What do you think?  How did you word your room block information?  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you!

We have a room block at the Palms Casino and Resort.
Insert address (and probably include map on back)

The discounted rates for a standard room are as follows:
Thursday, 5/3/12 $xx/night*
Friday 5/4/12 and Saturday 5/5/12 $xx/night*

*These prices do not include tax and any additional fees the hotel may charge.

To reserve a room at this discounted rate, please call (866) 942-7770 and reference xxxxxxx Wedding, code xxxxx.

Rooms must be reserved by April 2, 2012.

Edited because I thought of same additional info to add

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Re: Room Block Wording

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    Looks good to me!
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    Awesome.  Thank you.  I feel like I am completely clueless when it comes to this stuff.
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    We found that online coupon codes would result in a much lower rate than our room block, so on our invites' accommadations card (pocket invites) we put something like:

    Blocked Rooms
    Mandalay Bay Resort
    800-xxx-xxxx reference code XYZ
    The room block price is $x per night for the MB 550DR room.  You can book at this rate through May 11th.  Less expensive hotel options, including in Mandalay, are available by using regularly updated coupon codes you'll find on our website ....

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    I didn't inlcude an insert with the STDs.  It was on the website and the web address was on the STD.  I did include my room block info on my invitations.  The thing is, my people are not diligent to keep checking the website to see new codes.  That's why room blocks worked for us.  The price is good January - July. 

    Also, GN is really good about giving a room block rate that is highly compettive with any specials they run.  I haven't seen any that have been better EXCEPT for the one dude in our group who is dating a GN high rolling player.  Her room rate was better than ours.
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    Thank you VG and smokey....Sorry I'm late to reply.  I've been trying to stay away from the computer during the weekend as I stare at it all day long at work.
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