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Las Vegas Wedding please help

Hi everyone

I am a newbie - my partner and I just got engaged 2 weeks ago and we're heading to Vegas at the end of the year to get married. (We live in Australia) We just want something different, cheap and so that his family won't come - very long story.

Anyway as it is our wedding day I don't want it to be totally trashy - I initially found the outdoor gazebo at viva las vegas weddings quite nice but since then I love the outside gazebo at the Hilton - it look beautiful and their packages are very well priced - has anyone heard anything about them??

I have also been recommended a photographer to cruise the strip with afterwards to get some photos so I've emailed her (toner photography)- still to hear anything back yet but she looks amazing.  It will just be us 2 plus 2 friends of ours so very small - but I still want to have a nice area to get married - plus some pics.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated - still tossing up the idea of elvis or not will see

Thanks for any help : )


Re: Las Vegas Wedding please help

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    Hi Nic,

    We are also travelling from Australia to LV for our wedding . . .

    Like you we don't want family with us, so it will just be us two . . .

    We've decided to go down the Elvis route and after weeks of researching etc we have decided on Graceland wedding chapel . . .

    We booked for our pics . . .

    I'm still working on finding a hair stylist etc that won't cost me a fortune . . . so if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

    We're leaving to go in 3 weeks (EXCITED) . . .so I can probably give you more info when we get back!
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    Hi Nicinoo

    I am also an aussie heading to Vegas to get married (not until Sept 2011 though!). its great to see 2 more aussie brides! I was feeling lonely! Just a note...everyone on here is really great and full of wonderful ideas so definately use that!

    We are going the trashy route as it is Vegas after all! (though its not trashy to me,  its fun and quirky!)

    We are getting married at the Las Vegas sign by Elvis (through A Elvis Chapel) and then heading down the strip for a photo tour (I am booking Todd Wilson as he is fantastic and has great reviews) then we are heading to Studio B at the M resort for our reception (buffett). We are inviting between 60-80 guests and we thought about 15-30 would come but once the word got out we have already had people confirming they are coming and I think we have already hit 40 definates! I am blaming the strong aussie dollar and V Australia for these reasons! Plus what afun town Vegas is!

    But there are heaps of different weddings in vegas.....about 6 different types of elvis weddings, big casino wedings, little chapel weddings and you can even get married in a hot air balloon (cloud9 I think) abve the strip.

    And if you dont want the inlaws to come then the Elvis route is defiantely the way to go....especially if they think you should be getting married in a church! people either love it or hate it!

    If you have any questions let me know


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    My name is Brian and I am the General Manager of Viva Las vegas Wedding Chapel.  Thanks for your kind words about our Chapel.  I would love to talk to anyone who has questions.  Here's a couple tips about Gazebos in Vegas.

    First of all, one of the reasons our Gazebo is so popular is it is on the East side of our building, away from the Strip traffic.  It's very peaceful and private.  Some chapels have their Gazebos very clode to the traffic (one even has theirs next to a public bus stop!).

    Secondly, something else to remember, we're one of the only chapels on the Strip that allows cameras even on the property.  Guest are allowed to take as many pictures as they want DURING the ceremony, as long as they remain seated.

    We also offer First Look packages where we keep you separate from your Groom as we rehearse your wedding separately and guarentee that you won't see each other until you walk down the aisle.

    There are many other reasons to check out our Chapel, but our web-site has the most information.

    We have a special right now for members of The Knot.  If you call me (phone number is on our web-site) I will give any Bride who books a free DVD of their wedding (a $50 value).  Just mention The Knot when you call.

    Good luck in your search and congratulations on starting your new life together.

    Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

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    Sorry Brian NO VENDOR POSTS!
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    NicinooNicinoo member
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    thanks people - we're thinking of getting married either under the vegas sign or in front of the fountains - didn't mean to offend anyone re trashy - I meant showing up in velour tracksuit pants etc etc ha ah

    Looking for a celebrant that isn't too religious or boring plus a videographer

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