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With regards to Rumjungle, they were easily able to set up our group of 25 guests.  We used the "pod" that was the first on the right as you came in.  There were four tables for guests, two that sat 6 and two that sat 8.  Joe and I had a sweetheart table in a corner booth.

The last table that was up against one of the water walls was big enough for our signature picture mat, the cake and our card box.  We didn't have pro pics taken at dinner, so let me see if I can get some from our guests.

Definately go with the Rodizio package.  Our family loved it!

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    Thanks Impslave! Kathryn just sent me through some table set-up photos with the black linen option, it looks great!

    Last question (probably!) - did you have speeches? I want them as part f our reception, butI am not sure how appropriate it would be with non-wedding guests around us and whether it would even be quiet enough to speak out to 3 or 4 tables?

    I hope you are enjoying married life!

    PS: Rumjungle have agreed to waive the $250 'cash bar fee' per 20 people, on the provisio that we have wine and champagne on the tables and pay for all non-alcoholic drinks, which is fine with us. Wink
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    We had a couple of people get up and give toasts.  There was no problem in hearing them, though we were there early enough that the place was still pretty empty.  Our dinner was from 5:30-7:30.

    Yay for getting the fee waived!

    Hope your experience is as good as ours was :)
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    Thankyou! Cool
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