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Nevada-Las Vegas

June 23 Wedding Reviews Part 2!! (Long!)

The Chapel at Planet Hollywood ($1,700): A++++

(Sleepless in Seattle packages with 6 boutonnieres, 3 corsages, Wedding DVD & $150 outside vendor fee for photography)

I loved this chapel! Ali, our wedding coordinator, was absolutely fantastic! She was prompt in responding to emails and allowed me to make multiple changes when needed. I was worried about our officiant because I’d read he was “weird” , but Nathan delivered such a warm and touching ceremony. He came off so genuine and spoke so beautifully, I almost cried (some of my family members did).  The chapel itself is also very beautiful. Pictures do not do this chapel justice. The glass sculpture at the altar is breathtaking! The chapel is quite small (65 guests max), but it made for a very sweet and intimate ceremony.


Apex Suite at Planet Hollywood ($1,792 for 2 nights): A++++

We held our in-suite reception in the Apex suite and it was absolutely incredible! The moment I walked in I was in awe! The views of the Bellagio fountains and of the Paris Eiffel Tower were phenomenal! Our guests were also blown away and thought it was awesome. The size was also great and fit our 55 guests perfectly. I was worried that the suite might become warm with all of our guests, but it stayed cool throughout the reception as we kept the air at its coldest setting.  The ipod dock worked perfectly. It was loud enough to serve as background music, and that’s what we wanted. Our family members aren’t ones to dance, so this worked for us.  Our vendors, Masterpiece Cuisine and Retro Bakery, didn’t have any problems bringing food to our suite.  Also, we were hoping for early check-in on Friday, however we didn’t get it. Check in time is 4:00pm and we weren’t able to get in the room until 5:45pm.  I’m glad we booked the suite the night before because it gave us time to set up. We didn’t have a room block, but we were still able to reserve the suite on its own, which is probably why we paid a higher rate.  But overall, I highly recommend this suite. I wish I could stay in this room every time I visited Vegas lol!


Tyler Freear (Photography): $800 for 4 hours: A++++++++++

 Tyler was absolutely fantastic!. He was very down to earth and I was instantly at ease.  I had him come in an hour before we needed to be at the chapel, and it was the perfect amount of time.  He promptly began taking photos of my dress and other details   I didn't want to do a first look,  but we did a variation of it where my husband and I were holding hands but couldn’t see each other. I loved it!  Tyler also photographed the ceremony. I paid an outside vendor fee of $150, but I don’t think PH chapel allows this anymore which is really a shame because I hear Cashman photos are ridiculously expensive.  Also, I really enjoyed Tyler’s sense of humor! The best man dropped the rings during the ceremony because he was nervous (? Idk why lol) and when we were taking our formal photos, Tyler jokingly took one photo of the best man dropping the ring boxes.  We all had a good laugh.  After the ceremony, my husband and I went on a walking strip tour for 1 hour.  We took photos at the Paris Crosswalk, the Bellagio fountains and at the Paris arches. It was hot, but not unbearable (3:30pm-4:30pm). I originally wanted to do the strip tour before the ceremony, but I’m glad I didn’t because by the end I was sweaty and I didn’t feel as beautiful…lol.  After the strip tour, we went back to the Apex suite for our reception. Tyler stayed for the remainder of the time and took some guest photos. Overall, I highly recommend Tyler as he was absolutely wonderful!


Here's a link to our photos: Laura & Alexis:



Re: June 23 Wedding Reviews Part 2!! (Long!)

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