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My sister is my only bridesmaid. I found a BM dress at a local Bridal Store and it was on clearance. I am paying for her dress and she totally did not show today. that is the 3rd time that she has blown me off. she said she had cramps but on FB she was at the bar at 1:30 am. We went and looked a few weeks ago to look for a dress and she did not want to try anything on it was a total waste of time. I know that I have like 3 and half months left but if she has to order anything or have any Alterations we will be cutting it close. ugh I am so upset with her.  What should I do
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    [QUOTE] What should I do
    Posted by sydneyJbaby[/QUOTE]

    Take the dress to the bar and ask her to try it on. :-)

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    Ask her what's up?  Don't be combative, but ask her if there's something going on.  Maybe she's not ready to be a bridesmaid, overwhelmed by the financial implications, would rather spend time with you doing non-wedding things...?
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    She makes awesome money!!!! She is just being difficult. We live like 10 miles from each other and I have only seen her 1 since before christmas. She works all the time and she is the one that said she wanted to go today. Ugh
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Vent : Take the dress to the bar and ask her to try it on. :-)
    Posted by vegasgroom[/QUOTE]

    Lol you just made my day!!!! Thanks
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