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I’ve come to the conclusion that Lawry’s might be out.  The FI doesn’t like mushrooms (mushroom bruschetta) or shrimp cocktail (first course) and there isn’t much choice of a substitution.  I love the fact that you get to choose your entrée at the time of dinner, love the extras (candles, rose petals, salts, etc), but I don’t want my husband to starve on his wedding day. 

Someone suggested that he get something to eat from somewhere else before dinner.  I'm not so sure I agree with that. 

Trevi has options on the other hand which is awesome.  I love the décor and if I go with the date May 19, 2012 I have to do a reception before 5 because another person is booked later on.  I might have to change our date anyways IF his brother is graduating at that time.

Thoughts/comments/suggestions?  Is anyone else having a tough time?  I want to make sure the place has options and not have people starve until dinner.  I know I won't please anyone, but I do have to consider my future husband.

I guess the only thing I can do at this point is gather all the information I can and present it to him.  Thank god I have time.  :-D


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    I would say either change your date and go to Trevi or just go with Lawrys, I am surprised that they wont switch out an appetizer, but if they don't, he does not have to eat it if he doesn't want t. I am assuming he will probably have a steak with potatoes and veggies for his entree, plus dessert and wedding cake, I don't think he will miss it much.

    I am sure you have heard from other knotties, but I went with Maggianos for our reception and I found them to be very affordable (if you don't do the open bar) and also there are TONS of food options, and they are very flexible, I have no complaints what so ever about them, so that might be something to check out!
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    If you are looking at Lawry's have you looked into Morton's across the street? I would also consider looking at Grand Lux at the Venetian. I would not want to be forced into a time frame of having to leave because another group was coming in. I would pick another date or venue.
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    I did not know Lawry's had a mushroom bruschetta.  I have never seen that on their menu and I have been there a few times for dinner and once for lunch.  I bet if you tell them your FI does not eat shrimp they can make something else for him.  They have really good small lobster tails that are close in price to the shrimp cocktail if I remember correctly.  It does not hurt to ask them.  Besides the shrimp is only the appetizer.  It's the dinner that matters.......and the cake. 
    I have also been to Trevi and their fountain is very loud especially upstairs.  If you go there make sure no one sits by the windows by the fountain.  It's really loud and you cannot hear each other.
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