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Less then 6 months away!! questions for b2b

when should i start with the dress alterations? 
is 5 months too early to send out save the dates for my destination wedding?
how close to the wedding should i get my highlights touched up?
any suggestions for a cake stand for a decent price or rentals?

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Re: Less then 6 months away!! questions for b2b

  • talk to the seamstress about how long your dress will take

    You probably should skip the save the dates, they should have been sent out awhile ago. My wedding is 4 months and like 3 weeks and im getting ready to send invites by next week

    Im going to get my highlights touched up probably 3-4 weeks prior to wedding
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    My opinion is that you should be sending out your invites immediately; Vegas flights can get expensive very quickly, as can rooms, so it's best to give guests as much warning as they can have.  We did our STD's about 11 months out and invites went out at six months with 10 week return time, still leaving plenty of time to call those we didn't hear from so they could give their response by phone and still get flights.  Probably not as big a deal if you're in OC since the flights from there to Vegas are cheap and plentiful but you've probably got some guests out of town that would be affected.  I'd still just go with invites as soon as you have them ready.

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  • Thanks for the advice =)
    Vegas is a 3 hr drive from my guests i think most of them will be driving. 
    A few people have told me even thou its Vegas most guests will try there hardest to attend have you found this  true? We are inviting about 60 but only reserved 40 for our reception. We can afford more just don't want to include them  tel we know for sure. 
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  • Dress alterations should be done 6-8 weeks before the wedding. I would go with 8 weeks just to give it enough time so it's not rushed and in case they are busy. I'm getting my highlights done 3 weeks before. That's about when after she does my hair the color sets in the way I like :)

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