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03/08/12 Wedding Pictures - Review to follow

I haven't posted in some time but I did want to share my wedding pictures (Bently & Wilson), I'll get a review together for all my vendors soon. I loved all of the vendors, Francesca Lombardo, Todd from Bently & Wilson, Tommy Bahama staff .  All amazing. 


Re: 03/08/12 Wedding Pictures - Review to follow

  • Thank you for sharing, looks beautiful! Looking forward to your reviews!!
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  • Beautiful! I love the strip photos! You look gorgeous! Congrats
  • Thanks for sharing the photos- especially love the Bellagio ones! Makes me look forward to my strip tour with Todd. Looking forward to your reviews!
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  • Congratulations!  Your photos are beautiful - can't wait to read the reviews!
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  • Congratulations!!!  Love the pictures - thank you for sharing! :)  Perfect timing on the strip tour... the lights were fantastic and you got the fountains :)
  • Great pictures the bellagio ones are amazing!
  • Congratulations! Gorgeous pics! What time of the day was your strip tour? It looked like the perfect time!
  • Wow, everything looked so gorgeous! Congrats :) After seeing your pictures I have officially decided to go with Bently and Wilson, Todd did amazing. By the way, do you have information on pricing for receptions at Tommy Bahama, it looked beautiful!! I emailed them for information after seeing your pictures but I'm impatient, haha. I didn't know if maybe you still had the literature saved or anything :)
  • Congratulations! Beautiful wedding!
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  • Thank you all, I'm so sad the big day came and went, but the memories will keep me smiling always.

    @ krisstyle12 - Our tour was between 5.00 & 7.00, the timing at Bellagio was between 6.15 - 6.45.Todd is a dream to work with, he blended in with the group.  He stayed later than we had booked him for and was snapping pictures from the moment he walked in until the very end.  

    @ Roy5361 - TB has a few different price ranges, they have no room cover, so basically you pay for food and drinks. We were actually surprised at the end of the night, we had budgeted the night much higher than it actually turned out to be, the coordinator @ TB - Tara is wonderful, i literally just showed up got married and partied, we showed up the night before to drop off our decor and to tell her what we were looking to do and the next day she had done it all plus more.  She really took care of us.  Not sure if you had the email address but this is Tara's: [email protected]

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