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Where to get shirts monogrammed? Raleigh/Durham

Can anyone recommend an embroidery shop in the Raleigh/Durham area to take shirts for monogramming?  I'd like to stay below $10 per shirt.
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Re: Where to get shirts monogrammed? Raleigh/Durham

  • I've never used them (or anyone else for that matter), but StitchDoctor in Durham might be worth checking out. They used to be on Ninth St., where I used to walk by their shop almost daily, and moved a few years ago to a shopping center on Hillsborough Rd. Very easy to get to from I-85, 15-501, and the Durham Freeway, and plenty of parking.
  • I found a someone on Craigslist.  I just dropped off 10 hankies and 3 robes yesterday for monogramming. Hankies $6 each and robes $7.50 each.  It's not a shop, it's a man that does it on the side from what I gathered.  I will let you know how they turns out if you would like or I can pass along his info.  There were other "shops" on Craigslist though, just do a search under "services".
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