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Good Morning!!

hey ladies, it's amanda. i created a new account for the nest. trying to get them to delete my old knot account, so this is my new screen name that i will be using for now on.

TGIF!! i am so glad today is friday! can't wait for tomorrow. DH, I and my mom are all going over to FIL house for a cook out they are having to celebrate my birthday. sad my dad is going to miss it but he is still up north caring for my granny!

hope everyone has a great day and wonderful weekend....and anything you can come up with to make this board jump...POST ON!!! (it's so dead these days)

Re: Good Morning!!

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    Morning, Amanda.  I just posted something, but I don't know that it's going to be that lively.  Happy Friday, hope you have a great weekend.
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    Welcome with the new name Amanda... I was just thinking about that the other day, how I should have picked another name other than FutureMrsFraser when I signed up... lol. I was lacking creative thinking at the moment.

    I've noticed the boards been dead lately too. :o( Oh and Happy Birthday!

    I have no idea what we have planned this weekend, hopefully nothing so I can work on some wedding projects!
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    Happy Friday!
    I get to meet Olga tomorrow...I'm super excited!!
    Have a great weekend!
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    Hey! I've thought about changing my name. . buttt I'm afriad people wouldn't get who I was or remember me.  .but maybe I will at some point.

    Woo for Friday! The Grill downtown (similar to Melvin's) is going to be open later than normal (It's Celebration Weekend here in Fuquay) so we're going with the neighbors for tasty food :o) and possibly walking down to the wine shop too!

    Manda! It's almost your birthday!! Woooo

    I had an AWESOME post idea last night. . but forgot to post it, and not I can't remember it. Oh well. . .

    I'm heading to work with the horses before it gets too hot. I rode two hours yesterday and almost died (granted I did go at 2pm which was a dumbo move)

    DH and I are breaking out board games tomorrow night, so I'm excited about that :o) I think we may also either grill or make home-made pizza! Awesome weekend ahead!
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    Beka...what kind of board games are you and DH playing? i want to buy some but am clueless as what to get!

    heather you will love olga, she is the greatest!
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    We've got : Monopoly, Clue, Statego, Risk, Cranium, Ticket To Ride. Card Games ; Phase 10, regular cards, Canasta, Ruckus, and a few others :o)

    I want to find a few others that are good with small groups and large groups. We've found that not all games are fun with just two people.  We'd love to start a weekly / bi-weekly game night, but we don't know that many people :o(

    I REALLLY want to get the game where you draw on the little dude! and Life. . we still dont have Life haha.
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    have you ever played Apples to Apples?
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    When i saw the new name--I immediately thought it had to be you.
    Thank goodness its finally Friday! i cant wait for 5 o'clock!!!! Got some friends & family coming over tonight to eat & play cornhole! So bring on 5.
    Btw...Happy Birthday! Hope you all have a great weekend! Cool

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    Yes! Apples to Apples is great! Good drinking game too! We played 'In a Pickle' with Jessica and her hubby last weekend. I still dont fully understand it (I can be a bit slow at times) but I know it was still fun and I want to get it :o)
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    Morning Ladies!!  woot-woot for Friday!!  Got a bachelor party tomorrow, and then maybe Pops in Park on Sunday.

    Amanda Happy Birthday.  Enjoy your cook-out, sounds like fun! 

    Hey Beka, battle of the sexes is a really fun game... also family feud on DVD. 
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