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North Carolina

Bad Idea, or Worst Idea Ever?

Okay so. A long time ago I posted about how we were having a terrible time finding an officiant for our wedding. I had honestly stopped looking, figuring that maybe it would work itself out eventually.

A couple days ago someone from WedPlan (the most ungodly obnoxious website on the face of the planet -- whole other can of worms, but I had to delete myself from the site as I was getting 10 and 15 calls a night from their vendors) emailed me. I suppose she had archived my information before I deleted my profile.

ANYWAY. Had a brief rapport with her via email (10ish back and forth) and decided to put down a REALLY affordable deposit without actually meeting her.

Then I got to thinking... why is she so cheap? She's out of Charlotte, my wedding is in Pilot Mountain, this all includes travel... whats up with this. She claims to have been doing ceremonies since 1996 (which I'm not doubting, I'm just stating that she's not cheap because she's new to the business).

So. With $45 on the line (which wouldn't be the end of the world if I lost) -- did I make a terrible decision in not meeting with her in person first? I don't know why my doubt kicked in all of a sudden, but it did. Has anyone else had any weird instances of that, or am I crazy?
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Re: Bad Idea, or Worst Idea Ever?

  • This may just be me, but I wouldn't book a vendor without meeting them.
    Do you have plans to meet with her soon?

    You could be fine, just talk it out and make sure you've got a contract signed and all your bases covered.
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  • Well, the short answer is no. It was going to be another 75 dollars for her to hike up to Greensboro to meet with us, and I'm at a new job and unable to take time off to go down to Charlotte to meet with her til mid-summer, so as of now we're planning to meet with her mid-August to talk about things. Sent in the signed contract with my $45.

    If, per chance, things are weird or amiss come August, do you think that's enough time to find someone to officiate a November wedding, or is that unrealistic?
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  • You can hire a justice of the peace or you can get a good friend or family member to do the online thing and they can marry you. It is perfectly legal and it'll be more special since that person gets to help you with your special day.
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  • You will find someone, my wedding is this May 5th and we just got our minister Tuesday.
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