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Clubs for Post-Wedding?

So, my FI and I are thinking about hitting up a club after the wedding reception. We're staying at the Flamingo, are there any good clubs nearby with little to no cover charge?

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Re: Clubs for Post-Wedding?

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    Pure at caesars the bank at bellagio marquee at depends what day of week night...and if you see promoters on the street for little to no cover....and I ve never heard of guys getting in for free. It's not a club but harrahs carnival court is fun...outside bar, stage with live music or dj, and bartendars with flair
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    I second Carnival Court-- really fun!
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    Just an FYI- you should never have to pay for those cards promoters give out on the street. If you know any locals, have them take you out....then a bottle and table would be free. Other than that at best ur hubby will have to pay at least $30 for himself to get in anywhere good
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    Circle bar at Planet Hollywood is free but not a club.  The same goes for the Chandelier bar at Cosmo.  Neither of them are clubs but they are nice bars and no entrance fee and music plays all night.
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