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Steve Keegan Photography Reviews!

I've heard its common practice to pay half of a deposit and the rest before the wedding... what if the photographer doesnt show up???

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    kikibabykikibaby member
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    If they didn't show up and would not refund you, you could take them to small claims court. 

    I really wouldn't get too worried about it, though.  If you go with a reputable photographer, it's highly unlikely they would just 'not show up'.
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    The contract should also spell out what happens if either party fails in executing the contract. I don't have it in front of me, but mine said something to the effect that every effort will be made by the photographer to attend, but there are extenuating circumstances.

    If they just fail to show up without any just cause, the contract should spell out what you are entitled to in terms of a refund.
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    bethm098bethm098 member
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    I agree with the last couple of posts.  If a photographer didn't show up to your wedding, you could take them to court and then leave negative reviews everywhere.  That kind of bad feedback would probably make them close down their business.

    Check their site and read all their reviews and you should be just fine.  Hope that helps!

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    I do wedding photography and in most places in the country common practice is to pay a third as a deposit, a third a week or two before and a third the day of. I would HIGHLY reccomend talking to previous brides who worked with the photographer you are thinking of hiring, if the photographer is reputable then he/she should have no problem supplying you with references. Another good move for finding a reputable photographer is to use word of mouth, if a friend recently got married inquire about who she hired.

    Last of all, if you have a bad feeling about someone, don't hire them!

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    In Response to Re: Steve Keegan Photography Reviews!:

    As the photographer in question, I can tell you it spells out in writing in my contract that if I failed to show up for any reason, you would be entitled to a full refund. Furthermore, that has never happened. I once even drove to San Francisco with walking pneumonia to shoot a 10-hour wedding.

    When you are self-employed, there are no sick days.Smile

    I just wanted to clear this up so that future clients don't get confused by any of these posts.

    P.S. I shot Amy's wedding more than a year ago. Everything went fine. I also have about 100 verified reviews between, and other internet sites and they are all positive (including from Amy). In fact, I probably have more positive reviews than a lot of photographers have had total clients for their careers (no exaggeration).
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