Nevada-Las Vegas

Me Next! Me Next!

Holy crap. I can't believe it's time for me to go off and get myself hitched.

We just got back from Vegas late last night after another awesome year at Renn Faire. I've been running around like a manic all day trying to get stuff done and still have a lot to do. Looks like it's going to be a night of little/no sleep for me.

I'll probably still be posting during the week as I have to bring the laptop along, apparently weddings are no excuse for no doing one's homework :(

We're driving out tomorrow right after classes and planning on doing dinner at MIX.
Wed, the pre-wedding craziness begins. I pick up my BFF from the airport at 10a, drive my dress over to Fit for a Bride, than bestie and I are having a spa day. Pedicures at Monte Carlo, Seaweed wrap and manicures at Aria (It's SpaWeek, lots of deals about) and then I have my hair and makeup trial with Lori. After that it's a night of drunken debauchery as most our friends are coming in sometime Wednesday.
I'm a little sad, I found out the company is sending Marie OOT, so she won't be at Platinum for my wedding, but Nicole, who I was working with at the beginning will be taking over that day, so I have no doubts about everything going smooth.

Thank you to my fellow Knotties for all your help, ideas, and support throughout the planning process. I should be back with some teaser wedding porn next week.

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