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Cab fares vs One way limo

I am fine tuning some last minute details for next week and thought I would book presidential a couple times to get us out for our group nights.

Wed night there are 7 couples heading from MB to Freemont. Thought it woud be nice surprise to have a limo drive us down there. Since there are 14 people I would have to book one of the 2 hour minimum limos which stinks. I dont want to spend that much. Do you think I should book two smaller limos or we just deal with all the cabs getting down there?

Bachelorette Night - 8 of us girls will be leaving the group happy hour at Koi to go to the Bellagio. I am wondering the cab vs limo option here as well to get us from point a to point b. Maybe not the end of the world to take two cabs? It would cost about $80 for an 8 person limo with presidential.


Re: Cab fares vs One way limo

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    i think it'll be more exepnsive to take the limo, but it is a nice classy touch to your evening events. Sometimes the cab lines just take longer, too, depending on what time you are heading out. it's pretty much a well oiled machine though, getting a cab in vegas, so if you go that route, I'm sure it'll be fine, too.
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    Assuming the cab fare is $25 per group of 4/5, the cabs will be $75-100 plus tip take or leave a few bucks.  How much is the limo?  You can figure out if you are good with that amount as compared to the limo.  There is no benefit to taking a limo in lieu of the cab unless you are getting a discounted ride back.

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    The Taxicab Authority publicly posts rates.  See  That should help estimate. (Wait times will make it harder to estimate though.  You can't just base it off mileage from google maps or something.)

    Heads-up: travelling northbound on the Strip takes a long time, especially on a weekend evening.  So make sure they take you around the side streets, unless you want and are willing to pay for the scenic route. 
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    The limos would add a nice touch and would also be by reservation so there would be no need to wait in a possible cab line. Plus, Presidential is a very, very nice company. If it saves you a substantial amount of money, booking two limos is still a good idea. Or if you wanted to keep everyone together in a larger vehicle, since you have to pay for a 2 hour minimum, then use it for the full two hours! Take a "strip tour" and make quick stops to see the Bellagio Fountains and/or the Siren show at TI. Remember that for those 2 hours, they are at YOUR service. Plus at Pres, their main staple is their tours... their key strip tour runs 3.5-4 hours, but I don't see any reason why their chauffeurs couldn't work with you to create a condensed version.

    In the long run I don't honestly think you would save that much money using cabs, especially with the larger group. You'll need multiple cabs, bringing the total up, AND M-bay and Fremont are not close to each other, so the cabbies will also probably be looking to rip you off.

    For the batchlorette party, if the limo is $80 for 8 people, that's only $10 a head. Would the girls be willing to chip in to cover the whole cost? Every girl loves a limo! and besides, it's your night to celebrate and party!

    If you have any further questions, I've worked in the transportation industry here for 4 years. =)
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    Thanks for the feedback girls! I am going to book the limo for sure for the bachelorette. I hate the idea of taking 4 different cabs to Freemont our first night out. We have to be at Binion's at 6:30 so a strip tour isn't going to fit.  I am going to see what I can pull off. Almost out of time!!
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