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Platinum Hotel - Pool Deck Ceremony/Kil@wat Reception Review - Pic Link Included


When originally booking at Platinum we were set for the Misora, but our guest list grew and switched to Kil@wat. I was a bit upset and was afraid seeing Misora and Kil@wat in person would make me even more disappointed.  Not a bit.  Misora wasnt set up for a wedding, but I truly loved how loungesque and modern Kil@wat was.  It was not a disappointment. This made me happy.

Anywho.  We met with Miya the day before the wedding to give her anything and everything that was needed for the reception (champagne flutes, table cards, bubbles, etc).  We had a lot of stuff and I told her I could come down the day of the wedding to setup but she was not having that.  Unfortunately, Miya had a family emergency and was not there for our day of but Romie was.  Romie was fantastic!!  She was truly an asset to how fabulous our wedding went off.  She made sure my fiance and I had drinks, food, appetizers, etc.  She was right on it. Down to offering me a napkin after the mess of the cake cutting. The Platinum is beyond lucky to have the amazing staff that they have.  She even offered to fetch my brother in law before the grand entrance.  He was up in his room.  

The Platinum truly does go above and beyond.  The setup was gorgeous.  The weather for the ceremony was extremely windy, so they consulted with me before putting out the rose petals which probably would have looked a mess because of the wind.  I decided to not have them on the sides of the aisle.  They also had the guests wait inside or around the firepits and heaters until the ceremony was to begin.  It was choreographed beautifuly considering. 

Our guests raved of the food and desserts.  We chose the station menu.  Guest favorites were the gouda mashed potatoes, lollipop lamb chops, petite fours, prime rib, truffles, turkey... Pretty much everything.  Even our most picky guests complimented that it was the best wedding food they had ever had.  I was worried there was not enough food, but there was plenty!

From what I hear the bartender was awesome.  I didnt see much of him because I somehow had a drink in my hand most of the night (Thanks Romie!).  I heard he was blast and my brothers were having him make off the wall drinks they found on their phones. 

I fell midway through the reception directly onto my knee. I think I twisted my ankle and fell directly on my knee. I could do very little walking or dancing, but silly me still tried.  Until my knee gave out more than once.  The staff was quick to get some ice and situated me in a chair on the dance floor for the remainder of the night.  Made good out of a bad situation.

The wedding was perfect with the exception of my knee.  I really wanted to go out afterwards and that was not possible :(.  I keep beating myself up over it, but its over.  

We returned to our room to find towel swans, rose petals, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. 

The next morning we were greeted with some of the Platinum Spa Salt Scrub and a bowl of fresh fruit.  

If the Platinum keeps this service up I am unsure why anyone would want to get married elsewhere! I was extremely worried about not having a DOC, but Romie was that and much more. 

If you have any questions about the Platinum, please contact me!

I know some couldnt view the FB pictures --- Here is a link to Flickr

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Re: Platinum Hotel - Pool Deck Ceremony/Kil@wat Reception Review - Pic Link Included

  • gorgoeous :) omg

    sorry about your knee hope feeling better now :) who took all those pics?  were they from fam or prof or both :)
  • In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:91Discussion:8b09e8c3-af0e-4da3-988f-c69658ac1639Post:b7e48815-7a81-43a3-8674-5bfab557748a">Re: Platinum Hotel - Pool Deck Ceremony/Kil@wat Reception Review - Pic Link Included</a>:
    [QUOTE]gorgoeous :) omg sorry about your knee hope feeling better now :) who took all those pics?  were they from fam or prof or both :)
    Posted by southerncutie[/QUOTE]

    All family and friends!
    Its getting better.  Much better than it was. 

    Thanks :)
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  • cool :) and im glad ive got knee probs too.  i dont have cartlidge in left knee so it crinkles and pops and jams all time
  • Your photos look amazing and it looks like everyone had a blast.  I absolutely love your dress and hair.  Harmony did your hair and makeup, right?  I was thinking about doing "half and half down" myself but I was worried it would look to much like I wear it everyday, but your photos have totally changed my mind.  I love how unique it looked in the back where she pulled it up.  Looked amazing!

    Congrats!  Platinum has done it again! Laughing  They are such a consistently good venue.

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  • Congratualtions and thanks for posting all of your information. I am getting married at the Platinum on 01/18/14 and am so excited, especially since you had such a great experience Sorry about your knee :(
  • What a gorgeous dress and wonderful wedding you had! The pics are great and looks like everyone was having a blast the whole time! Thanks for sharing!
  • LOVE your dress! Congrats and thanks for the review!
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