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Getting Ready -- Food?


I have another question?  This just came to me this morning: (in the shower, no-less)  that while I probably will be too nervous to eat, I really should provide some fruit, or cheeses, sandwiches, etc. for everyone else while we're getting ready. 

Who did you all use?  We're staying at the Hotel 32 at Monte Carlo, and I was looking over the room service menu, and to me, its a little (a lot) expensive, and more than I really want to spend. 

Does anyone know of a good, reasonable, place to get a couple of fruit/cheese/danish trays from?  Preferably someone who would deliver? 

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Re: Getting Ready -- Food?

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    I've heard a lot of people recommend Jason's Deli.  Luckily my mom went to the grocery store for us & bought some assorted trays of fruit & cheese, wraps, etc.  If she wouldn't have been able to do that I'm pretty sure we would have gone with Jason's. 
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    Popular ones around here are Albertson's and Jason's Deli.
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    We fed the whole wedding party (us plus 8), the vendors who had roles during the day and some close family for less than $200 from Jason's Deli; and they delivered to the room.

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    There's an Albertson's about a 10 minute drive from the strip (Flamingo & Maryland Pky). Our hotel room had a full kitchen, so we went grocery shopping.
    Morning of the wedding, my best friend made omlets while mom & sister were getting makeup done. We also had bagels and cream cheese. Getting ready started at 10am.
    For lunch, we ordered Jason's Deli to bring us sandwiches, to be delivered to my parents room while we were getting pics taken at the LV sign. So we were able to get something in our bellies before the ceremony. Oh, and use the Maryland Pky location if your getting delivery. We used them twice during our stay, great both time.
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    Awesome !  Thanks so much!  I have read a lot about Jason's on here, but I wasn't sure they'd do it only for about 8 people. 
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    [QUOTE]Awesome !  Thanks so much!  I have read a lot about Jason's on here, but I wasn't sure they'd do it only for about 8 people. 
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    The lunch delivery we had was only 3 sandwiches, so shouldn't be a problem for you.
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    Has anyone used Einsteins bagels for this? I was thinking about using them for breakfast.
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    I'm lazy.  We ordered room service.
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    We used Jason's Deli; we called early on in the morning and they were over an hour late; by the time the guy was on his way we were about to head off for the limo to the chapel.  All we ordered was their 6-8 sandwich tray.  No idea why it took them so long.  Needless to say we were not impressed.

    But if you can actually get them to deliver on time their prices are ideal.  Maybe call a day in advance to be on the safe side if you do go with them?
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