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Start of my reviews for 8/6/11 wedding really really long....

Ok I have not posted a lot, but everyone has helped out so much so thank you for that!
Rainbow Gardens A: Let me start from the beginning. The prices were too good to be true and the pictures were amazing. I spoke to a few of their facebook friends who had their weddings there and got pictures and rave reviews. We decided to book, but could not make the trip out to see the place in person. Marta and Doug were amazing with answering questions and giving the details. About 3 months out we set all of the details up and then three weeks before we finalized everything. The d.j. that came with the package was sent all of the paperwork that he requested and he called to confirm the week of the wedding. The rehearsal was fast and easy. Doug made sure everything ran smoothly and everyone knew their part. It was very relaxed and fun. The day of the wedding we arrived and everything was all set up and ready( I will put the photographer in his own category). The outdoor chapel and waterfall was amazing( my husband said that you could see pipes and cords, but It did not look bad). The minister Mike that came with the package was awesome. He called me the day before to finalize everything and it was perfect. The reception was great. Everything went as planned and everyone raved about the food. One of my guests was allergic to peanuts so they made sure that the menu that we had chosen was peanut free. I had seen complaints about the plastic glasses at the bar, but it worked out fine for my crowd:) The drinks were strong and the staff was amazing! The D.J. kept everyone on their toe. We had checked no cha cha slide and a friend requested it and he would not play it until he got out permission:) The cake was amazing and they saved what was left over for us to take home. The night was amazing and I think this place is a diamond waiting to be found!

TK Photo- Steven Shofner Photography A: We talked several times before the wedding and he came with my package so I paid a little bit more for him to come early to the hotel to take some pictures there. He arrived and we started pictures right away. He was on top of everything. He took pictures before the ceremony and at the ceremony and then handed it off to his partner Michael for the reception. I have only seen some of the pictures thus far and they are amazing.

Harmony( makeup and hair) A: She was amazing! She did a free trial a couple days before the wedding. When she came I had no clue what I wanted so I let her just go for it. She did a great job and then told me to tell her anything that I wanted to change for the wedding day. The day of the wedding she was on time and ready to get to work. She did two hair and makeup and then my mom's hair only and then my hair, veil placement and makeup. She took all of my suggestions and I looked great and the hair and makeup stayed all night( eye makeup ran a little after I cried when I danced with my dad, but I wiped it away and all was good). She not only does hair and makeup, but she is an artist about it. I had never seen any of the hairstyles like that before it was amazing:)

Cake Designs Bakery A: Came with my package. They were very friendly and willing to work with me. We designed our own cake and they did a great job. We wanted black and red and they warned us that the black will turn guests teeth black so we opted for red and white. I am allergic to pure vanilla and they answered all of my questions and made sure that my cake would not cause me any problems.

Cosmopolitan hotel F: I don't even know where to start. Well we booked them when they were in the same price range as Monte Carlo and Planet Hollywood and were relatively low. A few months after we booked with them their prices sky-rocketed. They are in competition with Caesars for the top highest price hotel in vegas. I did have 6 rooms that were booked at the cosmo, but the rest of my guests booked elsewhere because of the price increase. I was told that we had a block of rooms for the guests that did book there. My travel agent did speak with their rep and got our rooms upgraded to the premium view one bedroom from a regular one bedroom that we had originally paid for. Before we left not too many problems, but the hotel was not really friendly or willing to go above and beyond. I had looked into doing my after party at Marquee and it was insane the prices they wanted $45 per person to get in the door over $1500 for a table. When my now husband and I arrived we were told that a block of rooms did not mean by one another it just meant we had a guaranteed room( We call that a reservation), but they put guests arriving would be put by my room.  We were also told that our credit card would be CHARGED $150 per night incase the room was damaged and would be refunded no later that 5 days after we checked out. The room was amazing the view was spectacular 58 floor right over the fountain. You do not really have a mini fridge because it is stocked with crap that if you remove you are charged( you can have everything removed for a fee). Everything was ok unitl my other guests started arriving. My mom was told their were no notes on the account and that she was not by us actually in the other tower. My mom was finally moved the day before the wedding after much hassle. My mom did get them to only charge $150 total for my guests and not per night. The rooms were a disaster. My guests were on differnet floors and all over the place. My aunt was put in a room that had used rubbers on the balcony and blood on the sheets. When she complained she was told that is was a mistake that housekeeping didn't clean that room yet oops. When they did come to clean the room they said they ran out of king sheets so she would have to deal with this queen sheet until the next day. They said there was a pull out sofa, but there was not so they brought a roll away bed that had makeup all over the sheets. All of my guests experienced similar issues with housekeeping( hair everywhere, lipstick on glasses. razors left in room, gum on desk, coffee stains on counter, bed was broken, cleaned with do not disturb sign on once, but never again, didn't bring toilet paper etc.) I could go on and on with how horrible it was and no one would really take responsibility it was a computer error blah blah blah. My dad left his suit in the room when they left I called 6 hours later and the suit is still nowhere to be found. They did not do anything for my husband and I until I went to the desk and told them to do something so they gave us a $50 dining and upgraded us one night in the wrap around( which they now say makes everything better( it was a $100 upgrade from where we were)). They also gave my mom and aunt a dining credit after I called and asked to talk to a manager. Some of the staff is nice at the moment, but does not follow thru. Natalie was great and she did put notes on my account that it was my wedding and honeymoon and that there were guests connected with us and also noted the problems. Rico was another great manager that helped me out. No-one went above and beyond unless I contacted them.There is no communication or concern in this hotel. The staff is rude and does not care about their guests.  The wicked spoon was ok,but rude and when one of my guests went there at 1 they could not even finish their lunch because when they went up to the buffet they came back to their table cleaned off. They spoke to the manager who basically told them too bad its closing time at two. So There was some good stuff. The Henry restaurant was amazing great staff and awesome food. The hidden pizza place was great too, but go for the 10 slice whole pizza for around  $22 with toppings vs. $18 for four slices individually( they won't tell you this). If you ask them for their phone number you can call ahead and then you don't have to wait. THe bartender Char and manager on the floor at night Marie were awesome and so sweet! The hotel is gorgeous, but unless their customer service increases they will not be around very much longer! The pictures at the hotel turned out amazing:)

Bell Trans D:They were on time the limo was red and smaller than we ordered by it was fine because there were only four of us anyway, but it was a little cramped in the limo because it was only a limo for four( I had never seen a limo like that). The driver was fine for us on the way there no problems. He has beer in the back that was free for us to drink. The shuttles that took my guests was a disaster. The one had oil on the floor which got on several people's dresses including mine on the way home. The other shuttle would not turn on the air for my guests both ways. I have called and talked to a manager and they have not returned my calls they said they were investigating it. I called today and was told the operations manager was not in call back tomorrow or she could try her cell, but she is off and probably will not answer. I will call them back and it something changes I will post it on here, but I am not holding my breathe!

Island Lake Tanning and Travel A: Jenny the owner was amazing. She booked everything for us and then confirmed with us the week before. She worked with my out of state family and got them the best prices that were out there at that time. She is working with me now and with funjet to make sure the Cosmo is aware of the problems they caused and to see if there is anything that they can do to make this up to my guests.

Spirit Airlines F: Charges for carry on and has the lowest weight for check in ( 40LBS) we were charged $120 for luggage and then an extra $25 for my husbands because it was 47ILB ( the guy at the desk told us to pack lighter on the way home). The seats were so small and cramped. We payed the extra $120 on the way home for the big seats so worth it. There are no movies no radio and no t.v.s on the plane. You have to pay for everything nothing is free and it all has to be on a charge card no cash. I will say the staff on the plane were polite. I will never fly them again no matter how cheap their tickets may be they make up for it in baggage fees! My mom took my dress because to carry it on for me would have been a min of $ 30 and I would of had to take it and put it in the overhead compartment with everyone else's stuff.

Italian restaurant in PH: Amazing food and great service!

Excalibur buffet: cheap and pretty good food. Staff was friendly and fast.

Golden Nugget Buffet: I wanted to add them because I had a very bad experience at the buffet cold food, bad service, and hard desserts, but the manager paid for my meal and told me to please come back and apologized for everything. My mom had dinner there the same night and loved it. Try to go early or wait until they put out new food. Hotel was so neat and we had a lot of fun hanging out there.

My family kept (and dealt with) a lot of the problems from me until after we were married. My day and week was fantastic because of them and Rainbow Gardens. My husband and I had a great time and besides the problem with shuttle and hotel it was an amazing time. We loved cruising the strip and toddling around together! Our guests had a blast. If anyone has questions or would like to see pictures please email me because I really want to help anyone out that I can:)

Re: Start of my reviews for 8/6/11 wedding really really long....

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    Congratulations Mrs.! I'm glad the wedding went well. Unfortunately, the Cosmopolitian gets those kind of reviews a lot of the time. I am a heavy poster on trip advisor and people either have great service or awful service. It seems there is zero in between. I had high hopes for the cosmo and now I think I will stay away! Thanks for your reviews!
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    Congrats Mrs.! Thanks for the reviews :)

    I hope the bag guy was joking when he told you to 'pack lighter' on the way home... what a dumbass!
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    Sorry to hear about the Cosmo. I did notice that their prices were way up from when they first opened. Good tip on the Golden Nugget buffet, will be checking them out next month. Otherwise, sounds like you have a wonderful time :)  Congratulations!
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    A client of mine had $16,000 of personal property stolen from his room at the cosmo....looks like you got lucky! Idk what their deal is.....
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