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2 hour gap between reception and ceremony

The Catholic church we are getting married at does Saturday weddings at 2. We already have it booked and I don't want to have dinner any earlier than 5. We are going to do some pictures before the ceremony and some after. My fiancee is in the National Guard and I am a college student. We are on a tight budget using some of the money from his deployment he's currently serving in Afghanistan. So obviously we can't really afford to provide entertainment for guests. Is a 2 hour gap ok? Most guests are from the town we're getting married in. The handful of those who are not are family from Texas and will be involved in pictures and whatnot. We're going to have a note on our programs saying dinner is served at 5pm at......    So should my fiancee and I just get there with the bridal party before so they can announce everyone?

sorry for such a long post lol
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