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Dal Toro?

I am all over the place!! We booked Postrio but we can't get our guest list down and if even 1 more than 80 people show up then we can't use the space.  Considering we have a list of over is probably a good idea to keep looking around.

That being said, has anyone had a reception or looked at Dal Toro?  They have a really cool area with luxury italian cars that looks really hip and modern. on the food are not so good, at least from what I've seen on google.

Re: Dal Toro?

  • i contacted them when we were still searching.  I have the email the guy sent me and I can send it to you if you want.  For the private room it's a minimum of $5,000 and semi is $1,500
  • Have you eaten there before? I have and the food was NOT good and I am not a picky eater. The atmosphere was great though which is the sad thing. Before you book there I would recommend reading reviews on Trip Advisor (including mine, haha). I hope you didn't have your heart set on it or anything.  
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