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Advice needed on ceremony location!

Help please!

We have decided to have our ceremony at the Flamingo in the gardens. They have two areas that will fit our needs. One (Gazebo) is more secluded in the back of the property - but closer to the pool and therefore the pool noise. The other (West Lawn) is out in the open and easily visible from the rooms and grounds, but surprisingly quieter. We originally were planning on the west lawn since our wedding is mid day and the pool will still be open. We recently found out that they are adding a restaurant with patio right across from the West Lawn area. I can't decide now which would be worse... Pool music playing in the back ground or a restaurant patio full of lunch customers. We have paid our deposit and we are supposed to send our contract over this afternoon so I need to decide today. What would you do?

Re: Advice needed on ceremony location!

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    I like the West lawn, the pictures look great!  The restaurant shouldn't be as loud as the pool area is.  Are you concerned with people you don't know seeing your wedding?  I wouldn't be but that's just me.
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    What time is your ceremony? From what I recall, doesn't the pool there close at 5 or something?

    I personally like the secluded nature of the gazebo area. But I'm biased because I originally put down a deposit to have my wedding there!

    ETA: DUHHRRR reading comprehension. Your ceremony is mid-day. I don't think a lunch crowd would be too loud and rowdy. The West Lawn still might be your best choice.
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    As a local I spend a lot of time at the GO pool (aka party pool).  Definitely, do not do the Gazebo.  Not only will you have the restaurant across the way but the pool is about 20 feet away and very, very noisy.  Either location you will have background noice just because the grounds is so compact.
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