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Hi everyone!

I have pretty much been a lurker on here for the past year, but now that it is getting closer to my wedding date I am starting to be on here more looking for answers.

So here is the question I have right now - I am currently booked to have my cake and flowers done by Albertson's, but after reading Melissaandjosh's review regarding them I have gotten really scared and nervous.  I sent Kathy an email about week ago asking her some simple questions regarding our cake, and still haven't heard back from her.  I tried calling her today to see if she had gotten the email and both her and the cake decorater gave me TONS of attitude  Has anyone else had any experience with them? 

I am on a pretty tight budget and I figured going with them was going to save quite a bit, but now I am starting to second guess myself and wondering if I should try looking for different vendors.

Thanks so much everyone!

Re: Albertson's Wedding Cakes

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    I'm a Vegas local and we did tastings at several bakeries, including Alberstons, and in my experience Alberstons was my least favorite. The cake was very very dry and the cost was just as much as some of the great tasting bakeries, and Kathy didn't seem the most professional to me either. When I mentioned my escort card table she didn't even know what escort cards were, which seemed strange coming from someone in the wedding industry. She wasn't rude, but just didn't seem as together as some of the other bakeries. Our wedding was this weekend, and we went with Little Pastry Chefs for our cake and grooms cake (very pleased!) and The Palette for my flowers, and I was happy with her as well. Best of luck to you and I hope you have a wonderful wedding!
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    I inquired to them too, and felt like the cake decorator and bakery lady were rushing me, they were not too friendly or helpful. I ended up booking elsewhere
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    The bottom line is, they are in business to serve the customer as well as make a profit. If they give you attitude or act as if they can't be bothered, that makes it seem like they just don't care. Everyone has a day where they aren't at the top of their game, but if they consistently fall short, that would make me wonder about them. They need to be professional, courteous, and have some plain 'ole common decency. If they are lacking in these areas, I'd reconsider your decision and check out some other bakers. They don't need your money if they are gonna be jerks!
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    Based on Melissa's review alone I would stay away from Albertson's. If you are feeling uncomfortable now multipy that times 100 on your wedding day. You dont need that added stress.
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    I agree! Be careful with their florist as well. I had almost a two hour meeting with Kathy. I came in the next weekend to see the mock up and it looked absolutely nothing like we discussed. Kathy didn't even do it! It was so sloppy and thrown together, when I complained she got defensive.I would not reccommend them to anyone, you should have peace of mind on your wedding day.
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