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REVIEWS from 9/3/11- Sorry for delay! Very long.

Wedding Reviews from 9/3

So sorry they are delayed, I’ve been overwhelmed with work for the past 3 weeks!


We had an absolutely amazing 5 day Labor Day weekend wedding. 


Here we go…

 Mandalay Bay:  A-

From the many recent complaints regarding MB, I was a bit nervous about the customer service going into the weekend.  We arrived on Thursday morning, ran some errands in our rental, and arrived at the hotel about 1pm.  After waiting in line for 15 minutes, we were able to check into our room (750 Suite) right away and it was lovely.  

The following day, I had to wait in line MUCH LONGER to check into the Vista Suite that we were using for our welcome party that evening.   Mandalay Bay registration desk was totally understaffed for the Labor Day weekend. They only had about half of the desk open for check-ins.  But after that 45 minute wait, all was well.  We checked into our Vista Suite and did some setting up for that evening’s party.  Not to mention the few was amazing. 

Additionally, we used the bellhops numerous times throughout the weekend to move booze, luggage, etc.  They were very helpful and prompt when called. 

 Double Decker Bus Co.: A

Despite the trouble finding where exactly the bus was supposed to pick us up, it was great.  They had told us where they were going to be, but when I asked to concierge where this “tour bus pickup” was they looked at me like I had three heads and sent me the wrong way.  Once we were on our way it was fantastic.  We had lots of beer/plastic wine bottles on ice all day so we just transferred it to their big coolers.  We lost 15 min. due to the mix up with location, so we didn’t stop at the LV sign, only did a drive by.  We spent 25 minutes on Fremont (which my guests are still raving about!!!!) and drove by coincidentally while the Bellagio Fountain Show was happening b/c a planned stop wasn’t going to fit in our schedule.   If you do this a) make sure you know where the bus will pick-up and b) go to FREMONT, it is delightful! 

 Culinary Pros Bartender Service- A+++++++

We had Jason B. as our bartender for our welcome party.  He was AMAZING!  I cannot say enough of great things about him.  I would recommend requesting him in a second.  He arrived at 7:15 (while we were on the DD bus) I left a key for him at the front desk.  He set up everything, got ice, set up the cupcake tower with cupcakes (which my mom was going to do as soon as we got back from the DD tour AND accepted the food from Jason’s Deli.  He also completely calmed me down when I had a mini-freak out about the food running late (remember I was on the bus, so this was over the phone). In addition, he was so friendly with the guest and even recommended some different mixed drinks using what we had and what he had brought in his supply.  His own stash included- schnapps, shot glasses, extra mixers, and so much more.  We told him he was free to leave at 11:15ish.  I can’t believe all that was $125.   Cannot say enough positive things about Culinary Pros services. 

 Jason’s Deli- A

Great food, fed 50 people for $400 and had a little left over.  Everything was set up on the big table in the Vista Suite upon our return from the DD tour.  Everyone was starving!  Good customer service and although the driver was a few minutes late, he still made it with about 15 minutes before we all arrived to the suite.   

 Retro Bakery- A

Ordered 4 dozen mini cupcakes and a cupcake tower one week before the event.  The delivery girl called me when she was 5 minutes from MB, and I went down to meet her.  Cupcakes were wrapped really well because I told them I would have them there for a three hours before setting them out to be eaten.  Jason set them up and they were delicious!! 


Vista Suite- A

Lovely room, lovely view, glad we went that route for a Welcome Party!  50 people fit fine, but we didn’t need room for dancing, etc. 

 WEDDING DAY VENDORS-Harmony Medina- A++++

Harmony is wonderful.  Back in June I went to Vegas with friends and had a trial. She did airbrush and I kind of freaked out.  I didn’t look like me and I hated it.  I also didn’t like my hair all that much.  This is what is so great and so important about having a trial.  I emailed Harmony what I liked and disliked and the day of, she NAILED it.  I mean she was PERFECT.  My four bridesmaids all opted for airbrush and looked fabulous; I went with regular makeup and loved it.  It’s a total personal preference.  I felt fabulous and loved everything about my hair and makeup.  I highly recommend Harmony!

 Todd Wilson- A++++

What can I say about Todd that hasn’t already been said?  He is great at what he does, and was snapping pics from the minute he walked in my room.  Very friendly and fit right in.  Pics should be here in the next couple of days and I am so excited to see them. 

 Bali Hai Golf Club (at Cili Restaurant)- A+++++++++++++++++++

I cannot give our venue enough plusses.  Now, I am just going to come out and say it- we splurged on this place.  But it is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY.  The grounds of the golf course are spectacular.  They are directly behind MB and many people have no idea it even exist!  (Pic below shows how close it is).  Everything about the venue was breathtaking.  Back in March, which was the first time I spoke with Kathy Dyke(wedding coordinator/catering manger) I knew I had made the right decision.  In June I went for a taste test and picked out all the food and was so impressed.  But nothing could have prepared me for what I saw when I walked into the venue on my wedding day.  It looked like a dream come true.  Jeff and I wanted our wedding in Las Vegas- but we wanted our actual wedding ceremony/reception to be a more tropical setting, and we totally achieved our goal.    Staff was so attentive, each table had private waiters who refilled drinks, and dinners were prepared specifically (rare/medium/well-done) for each person.   Food and cake were AMAZING, grounds AMAZING, everything AMAZING.  See pics below.  Note- Minister, flowers and DJ were included with the services at the golf club. 

*** If anyone has any questions regarding Cili at the Bali Hai Golf Club, I will gladly answer them.  Email me at

 Bell Trans- D

This vendor was my only complaint of the day.  We used them for three different services.  First, we used them to transport bridal party to golf club- Picked up girls first, took us to LV sign for pics and then to venue.  Went back to pick up guys and everything worked fine.  This limo driver was great!

Second service was for shuttling guest from MB to Bali Hai (this takes 3 minutes).  I had called early Saturday morning to find out EXACTLY where they would be picking the guest up.  I wanted to pass this info along to my guest after the small mix up with the DD bus.  They told me they would be in the exact spot the DD bus was which is referred to as the “tour bus lobby”.  I thought, “Perfect, all of my guests know where that is so I have no reason to worry!”  WRONG.  My brother calls me to inform me that no shuttle has arrived (I am already at Golf Club) he instructs me to keep calm, he will take care of it, he just needs a phone #.  My brother calls Bell Trans to be informed that the shuttle is upstairs and has been waiting.  After more time on the phone the shuttle finally makes its way to the tour bus lobby.  This is fine b/c there is plenty of time before ceremony.  This guy drops off the first group and is told by my brother he is to make two more runs (as has been discussed over the phone when I made the resv.  He REFUSES.  After much yelling on the phone with his boss or whomever he “agrees” to do one more pick-up.  Luckily, we don’t need a third.  The guy was a COMPLETE jerk to my brother and my mother. 

Third service was shuttle service back to MB after reception.  He made two trips and everything was fine. 

  OTHERS-Raffles Café at MB- A

I bought all of my guest $25 gift certificates to this 24 café for $2 each on  I got an email each time one was used and almost every guest used it for breakfast or a late night meal during their stay. 


MIX Lounge at MB- Afterparty was fantastic


Rehab Pool @ Hard Rock- Great pool, great cabanas, great drinks!

 Southwest Airlines- A+

Carried on dress, had my own overhead compartment.  On the way home I had my bouquet with me and they made an announcement that there were newlyweds on board and we got free drinks the ENTIRE flight back to Chicago AND a free bottle of champagne to bring home!!

Re: REVIEWS from 9/3/11- Sorry for delay! Very long.

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