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Bellagio restaurants

Does anyone have a suggestion for a restaurant in the Bellagio or somewhere near? I am getting married there and wanted to have the dinner/reception in the same hotel or close to it so we dont have to worry about transportation. 

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    I've heard good things about Prime Steakhouse and Olives.
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    jccswljccswl member
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    I've eaten at Circo and it was really good, and the view of the fountians was amazing. It was so romantic. I think most restaurants are located so you can have the view, just make sure to call reservations and ask them to seat you with the view.
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    Ecoli76Ecoli76 member
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    We're having our reception at Circo after our ceremony.  It's pretty pricey, but we thought it was worth it for the view of the fountain!

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    I agree with jccswl  ...We recently ate at Circo for my husband's birthday (while we were in Vegas for our wedding). It was very good and the view!
    They also have the best hand rolled Spaghetti that I have ever eaten!

    My parent's entertained some family at Olives and my Dad swears it was the best pork chop he has ever had!

    I would recommend both.
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    Circo has a really awesome group dining menu and the private dining room does have a stunning view!

    Prime is terrific, but you would could only have a really small reception or buyout the place for the night (major $$$$ to do that).

    Olives is quite tasty, but there is no private dining here either.

    Another place that we checked out that has rad group dining menus and a private dining room is called "Sensi', it is located in the Spa Tower of Bellagio.  A really modern vibe, kind of a continental fusion cuisine.  The party coordinator was really helpful and super nice.

    We are also getting married at Bellagio, but are taking our dinner out of the resort b/c my fiance wasn't in love the circus colors of Circo (which I was totally pulling for!).  Can't wait to hear what you decide on!
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