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Does anyone know if this company has limo buses?  You know the tripped out ones with dance floor, lights and MP3 hookup?  It looks like regular coaches from the photos on the website.  I've got 22 passengers and want something fun.

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    The mini coaches for 21 and 28 pass. are not limo buses, they are just regular coach buses and they require a two hour minimum on each trip, so each would be $164.00 for just the regular coaches.

    AWG has a 29 pass limo coach that is the limo-style vehicle that is available for a one-hour min and it's $237/hr which includes fuel and 20% gratuity. You can book them by the hour but it's $474 round trip.

    Celebrity coaches has a 26 pass coach that is also limo style that runs at $245.70 per hour, so $491.40 total which includes fuel and driver gratuity.

    The cheapest coaches on the strip (not limo-style) are Bell Trans which are about $60 an hour
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