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North Carolina

NWR - Back to work for me

Single tear. 

My 31 days off from UNC are over. I'm back to work this morning. It will take me hours to go through all of my emails. 

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Re: NWR - Back to work for me

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    Good Morning!

    Sorry you are back to work. BLAH.

    That's all I am doing is going to work today. I did create our photo guest book for ceremony last night on blurb.com.  Hopefully it will be here in a few days.

    Hope everyone has a great day!
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    So....I'm not really back to work. I came in this morning and dropped off all my stuff in my office. Went over and popped my head in my boss' door and the HR lady came by. "We have a problem. Shelly can't work until her criminal background is complete."

    I mean really???? Ah, what about the 31 days I was at home?? The darn thing took 15 days last year b/c the check is has to be completed in my home state of Iowa. Drama is brewing!!!

    Anyway, so now I'm sitting at work listening to Pandora and working on printing the addresses on my wedding invites.
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    They have to do a new criminal background check every year?

    I work at UNC (healthcare) and we only have to do them if we apply for a new position and it's been two years since our last appointment date at our current position.

    That sucks. :o(
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