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First Dance (not with father)

My dad was never been a part of our lives. I have two older brothers who used to be very overprotective but really love my fiancee. I am having them both walk me down the aisle and give me away. I am going to have my first dance with my mom to "Mama's Song" by Carrie Underwood.. But was hoping to find good songs to dance with my brothers to. They were the ones to impress, always, & I think it would be sweet. 

Any ideas?

Re: First Dance (not with father)

  • Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    Our first dance was with each other -- freshly minted husband and wife.  There were no other special dances.
  • I danced with my uncle to Somewhere Over the Rainbow, the Hawaiian version.
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  • Just a suggestion - doing a lot of dances can get very tiresome. My SIL did 3 different dances to three different songs. Such a beating. I would suggest choosing one song and having the first brother hand you off to the other halfway through.
  • PeavyPeavy member
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    Usually there's only one parent dance, and the special dances are not fun moments for the guests.  I think you should choose one song, dance with your mom for a third of the song, have brother #1 cut in for another third, then have brother #2 finish the song.
  • I'm in the same situation as you, since my dad was not a big part of my life. I’m fairly certain that my mother will be walking me down the aisle but wasn't sure whether to have a dance with her or if I should just skip it. It’s a tough call since my fiancé will be dancing with his mom during our reception.
  • Yeah I'm not sure I want to do one with my brothers for sure but I definitely want to do a Mom dance. Charli04 I recommend Mama's Song (if you haven't heard it - youtube it!) if you decide to do a dance with your mom.
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