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Find me a new dress!

As per my post below I need a new dress.

My requirements are:
- Will need to have a ball gown type top (the straight across or sweetheart type) to hide the damage. I have minimal scarring on the top (declletage part) so just need to hide everything else so no plunges or V's. I suit a halter but not really a boat or badeau neck
- 50's style (because i like it but if you think something else may work post it)
- Knee or tea length
- suit a curvy size 12-16 (not sure how much weight I will gain am a flabby 8-10 US now due to not being able to exercise)
- doesn't have to be white (I am not opposed to colour but the wedding colours are white/black/fuschia so something that would go with that. I have fuschia shows but I can change them easy enough)
- CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP max budget of $500
- and it will probably have to be off one of those knock off sites or off the rack in order to get it before the wedding. China doesn't bother me as I have gotten a lot of things from places like ligthinthebox for other events and they worked out fine and it is close to Aust.
- Easy to pack since it has to come so far!

Ok girls you have your mission set forth and bring me a winner!

Re: Find me a new dress!

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