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Hi jccswl and other knotties!

I saw in a recent post your seating chart idea of "What vegas are you?"  I loved it- but couldn't see the deatils in the pics.  Can you share more deets on that if you would be willing to let me steal the idea for our wedding?

I am having a Hollywood themed wedding at PH and your idea might go with our theme- I thought I saw movie stars as table themes???  I am trying to conceptualize how we want to do table seating in a fun way.  Any more deets on yoru idea, or if anyone has any other fun ideas to share would be WINNING!


Re: ****jccswl **** Seating chart!

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    I don't mind at all. If you want me to email the pics so that maybe you can zoom in on the details.

    DH did all the work, and it was all DIY. We bought cheap plastic frames from the dollar store to place a medium size pic of the table theme. DH used pagemaker to create the diagram of the tables, and took it to Kinkos to blow it up (make sure you tell them to place it on a foam board). The rest was printed on regular printer. Use the business card format and print enough for each table (you have 10 per table) so that guests can grab the card and seat themselves at their table choice.

    That's all I can think of, just got back from Vegas so i'm still loopy.
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    Yes, can you email them please?  I would love that!
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    I sent you a PM :)
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