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wow, can't believe I am adding this post at 9:00!  Morning Ladies!

The week-end is almost here, so keep your head up! 

I had a pretty good night.  My dog had me cracking up last night... Charlotte is a huge baby when it comes to thunderstorms.  After the first big rumble she bolted up stairs with her tail between her legs.  After a few minutes I went looking for her.  Yall, she had gotten into the washroom and was balled up in one of our empty laundry basket looking like someone put the fear of god in her!!   Poor thing, I couldn't help but laugh!  

oh and Beka... we rented Mario Galaxy to see if we like it before we spend the money to buy it.  I AM HOOKED!!  love it.  We are going to go buy it this week-end!
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    Yeah. . Im addicted. . seriously. . I have a problem. I wont deny it. I'm almost finished with it which makes me sad. Guess i'll need to go back and buy the first one and rebeat it lol.

    Didnt mean to repost a GM post, I was working on the other one and being slow. . . because of Mario. . .

    oh oh oh  I stopped playing last night for a little while, but REALLLY wanted to play again, but was trying to resist and so I turn on the tv to watch SYTYCD and then BAM. . Mario commercial. . it taunts me!
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    haha, I haven't got that far because it is a rental.  I am going to try to hold off till we actually buy one.  But I wonder if your progress will stay in your wii even if you change disk??  I will play for a little while, turn it off and try to find something on TV... after a while I decide.."there's nothing good on" back to Mario. 

    I was still playing it when FI got home at 11:30pm... he laughed at me when I told him I didn't get much accomplished!  I really must try to resist today and actually do some work... oh dang you Mario for being so irresistible! 
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    Oh, I love me some Mario!!!  I haven't purchased the new one yet, but I see no need in renting it first, because I know it will be an instant love/addiction!!!

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