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Photos on the Strip

Alright ladies... next topic.

Places for photos afterwards:

My mother is a photographer and she will be doing our pictures afterwards along the strip. 

So, where are the best photo ops??!!?  And is limo trasportation the best way to go?

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    Savannah6783Savannah6783 member
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    DH & I paid for our bridal party to each get a one day pass on the bus ($7ea). Most of the hotels are very close together and getting in a car would be pointless I think, but it really depends on where you want to go. The majority of our photos were on the Brooklyn bridge, it is such a beautiful backdrop!!

    Good Photo Spots:
    Las Vegas Sign, located at the Mandalay Bay end of the strip. Take a car if you are going, the bus is supposed to come every 8 mins and it never showed up to pick us up... after 45 mins we hitchhiked back. (Great photo op, lol)
    Brooklyn Bridge, NY NY Hotel
    Pirate Ship, Treasure Island
    Volcano, The Mirage
    Effiel Tower, Paris
    Waterfalls, Wynn
    Bellagio water show
    Chadeliers, Downstairs Planet Hollywood
    Balcony of the Venetian

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    I recommend a limo myself...We rode the Duece several times during our trip and it just was not reliable. Sometimes it passed us at our stop. Othertimes, it didn't come when it was supposed to. And sometimes, it took forever to get from point A to point B.
    Limo was great and the limo drivers sure knew how to get around some of the traffic jams caused by construction.'s just a good experience. Our driver from Presidential Llimo was great, but we also had a positive experience for the most part with Bell Trans (but some brides have had very BAD experiences with them.)
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    If it helps with inspiration, I have the locations for most of my Strip tour pics labeled in my married bio.
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