Nevada-Las Vegas

Reviews 5/20/12 Part 1

Okay so everything was amazing.. really I expected things to go wrong, but they didn't. From hour 1 of day 1 until we left, we and our guests just had the best time. I will give reviews but they are all A+, with the exception of the limo and party train which were the few glitches.

Stir Lounge- Platinum Hotel

Okay so we completely took over their bar one of the nights with all of our guests, and they were the best bartenders. Half price tapas and drinks between 4 and 8 was amazing.

Double Decker Bus

Again, so much fun.. we got the booze to them and it was all on ice ready to go, then they unloaded it after. We didn't get to hit the Las Vegas sign as we needed an extra pee break, but this was something that all of the guests really enjoyed.

Wicked Spoon- Cosmopolitan

Went here with a group of 20 before the bachelorette party. I heard a lot of good things about the food, but I wasn't feeling so hot so I didn't eat a lot, but what I ate was really good. 

Las Vegas Party Train- F!!!

Okay, these guys sucked big time, they were so disorganized. Thankfully we got them as groupons and it was cheap. After the second club we just skipped the party bus and did our own thing.


So much fun, I saw that there was just a review and my thoughts are the same as lsvensson’s. You MUST get a lapdance if you do this.

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