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ok ladies give me your advice/suggestions/etc
Later today, I'm going to try on dresses. I've got 2 stops. First, Alfred Angelo and second, Tom's Bridal (a local warehouse type bridal shop) Ben's coming with me so, I will have him man the camera to get some shots that way I can send them to my mom to see.
So, I got a strapless bra and I bought a pair of undies that cover my whole butt. Anything else you suggest bringing? Words of Advise?

(P&R: I'm off to school, I'll check back in after my classes are over)

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    Your shoes if you have them already!
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    Second the shoes.  Doesn't necessarily need to be your wedding shoes, but a pair with a similar heel height.

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    I wore a pair of spanx and a pair of shoes.  Luckily, I don't need a bra.

    For my fitting when my dress came in, I wore a thong and a pair of shoes the height that I want to wear.  No spanx needed!
    Now with more wedded bliss.

    I don't get married often, but when I do, I do it in Las Vegas.


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    I wore Spanx as well! I didn't bring any fancy shoes, because I planned on finding shoes to fit the dress. But if you have shoes in mind, bring them!
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    Definitely have him take pictures, but don't look at the pictures too much when you get home if you buy a dress.  I know it's odd advice, but: I bought a dress at the salon, came home and kept looking at pictures of me in it (sending them to my BMs, etc), and the more I stared at the pictures, for some reason, I felt I made a mistake with the dress...thought I looked fat, frumpy, etc.

    I went back to the salon to try on the dress and LOVED it on me (thank god, because I had already bought it), but the poor lighting in the pictures made me second-think it.  
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    I was totally unprepared the first thing- thong, no shoes- what a mess ;)
    Sounds like you are good to go...have fun!
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    Thanks ladies.
    Not planning on buying today. I'm going to go back without him, that way he doesn't know which dress I get, but I do want a second opinion [not the sales person's]. And I do value his opinion on these things.
    I didn't think about shoes. I'm gonna have to do something quick about my toes. I'm desperatly in need of a pedicure! Will have to fake it. I have no idea what kind of heels I want to wear yet. I'll just grab a random pair from the closet.
    Alright, off to take a Spanish test and get back home, shower and head on out.
    Wish me luck! [test and shopping!] 
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