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Question for you in-suite brides...

How are you leaving your reception?
We're having our reception in the Vista Suite and will be staying in it the night before but beginning the wedding night we're moving over to the Venetian, are you guys planning on partying as long as the party lasts or setting a time to leave. The guests can stay as long as they want but I want to have some alone time with my new hubby that night before we both get too tired (or too drunk) I guess most receptions I've been to were at a venue where they had to be out by 11 or midnight so that kinda set an end time but with an in-suite you can go as long as you want   So I'm just curious as to what you guys are doing? Are you guys sleeping in the suite that night so staying as long as it lasts or getting out of there?
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Re: Question for you in-suite brides...

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    I'm sleeping in my reception suite, so everyone needs to be out before that happens!!  LOL!!

    After the in-suite drinks, dinner and dessert, we're heading out on the town (drinking, dancing maybe), so everyone would need to vacate at that time and either join us or continue on with their own plans for the night.  
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    We didn't leave the reception, all our guests did, at some point. We were also staying in the suite so they would have had to leave eventually, but they sort of "felt" when the party was over and got on their way.
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    We were wondering how this would play out as well.  We opted to alot 4 hours for the reception, followed by an "after party" on a double decker bus.  That way, everyone is out of the suite by 10.  Then we'll have two or three hours on the bus and everyone is on their own after that.
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    Well our reception starts at 7:00, I would guess it will end about 11:00 as we want to go out to a bar after for some live music (if we find it), dancing etc. Our uplighting people asked me for an end time which I didn't really think I'd make a set time, so I told him 11:00. One would think 4 hours would be a long enough time, but if people are there til later than so be it. We are staying in our suite.

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    We stayed in that room and let our reception run its course.  I went to bed at 1am.  The party continued until about 3am in the suite, and those that were still standing at that time, including the husband, went out and gambled until early morning.
    not really traditional, but we've been living in sin for years so i didn't care.
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    We're planning on holding our reception from 6-10 p.m. and then hitting the club afterwards.  It might be tempting to keep the party going in the suite, but I don't want to risk noise complaints or dealing with security.... or with any drunk family members who might think it's ok to act like our suite should be used Hangover style.  So out at 10 it is!!! 
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