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Where is everyone?


Re: Where is everyone?

  • tarheelbabstarheelbabs member
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    I'm another Raleigh person.
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    I am in New Haven, CT.

    But I lived in Charlotte while wedding planning and we got married in Winston-Salem.
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  • Ang~n~JTAng~n~JT member
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    I agree we should have a GTG in the triad. If anyone plans one pls let me know.
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    I'm in Hickory.  I lived in Charlotte close to downtown when I got engaged, but my husband already owned a house here, so here I am!
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    I live in Charlotte.  My FI and I moved to the NoDa artsy district a few months back.
    (North Davidson for those from outside the area)

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    Silliest question, what in the world is the North Davidson Art District?  I've been to North Davidson before...but never thought of it as very artsy?  Sounds really neat!

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    North Davidson is a long street, only one portion of it is considered NoDa. The intersection of North Davidson St and 36th Ave is where you wanna go for the arts district. We lived in NoDa, and actually still have our house as it hasn't seemed worth it yet to put it up for sale... soon I hope. Oh and the gallery crawls are every other Fri or Sat, I can't remember... sad.
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    SUPER late to this post but I thought that I would chime in....I'm in Pineville, just south of Charlotte (very close to South Carolina for cheaper fuel costs!)
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    Again...late to respond b/c I spaced on check TK.

    We live in Cary. Not far from 55 and 540.
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