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Vegas wedding with 50-100 guests; reception and budget questions.

Hey guys,

I've already posted a thread and thought it might be easier to get the information that I need to have other brides to be with the same guest count. Although of course any other advice would be much appreciated :)

So I'm almost 100% sure that I'm getting married at The Valley of the Falls at Mandalay Bay. However, I can't seem to find a reception site that fits within my budget. Has anyone found a place that will allow a DJ, can support my guest count and wont break the bank? 

Re: Vegas wedding with 50-100 guests; reception and budget questions.

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    That depends on what break the bank means...that is different for everyone. I am getting married at valley of the falls. I am having a cocktail reception at the house of blues foundation room patio. Our guest count will be 50 to 100 as well. My receptipon food and beverage minimum is 5000. Since its on a Monday I think this is a little less than normal though. House of Blues does have several rooms with lower food and bev but they max at 60 people. HOB is within MB so that is convenient. We started off thinking we would spend a lot less but ended up increasing our budget to get what we wanted. Keep in mind most places also add service or gratuity at a percentage spo you would need to add that to the per person cost as well.
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    My minimum is the same as yours actually! Are you planning on having an open bar?
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    Yep! We booked dj godzilla too so its dj friendly =)
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    We're having our reception at Excalibur in one of thier banquet halls.  We're doing a lunch buffet with a couple orderves that will be served before the meal, a dj (Hotwax) and a cash bar for 45 guests.  It came out to about $3,800 including the dj and dance floor (I think he was about $350 but can't remember exactly).  Thier banquet rooms are surprisingly not all decked out in the cheezy midevil theme like most of the rest of the hotel, it's actually quit a classy room and it's close enough for our guests to walk over from the Luxor where we're getting hitched.  
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    You might also want to check out the Platinum. I held my wedding and reception there. Marie & Nicole are amazing to work with. They are also very flexable. I was able to bring in many of my own vendors and that saved me a boatload of money being able to pick, choose, and a little DIY. All you have to do is meet their F&B minimum. They have beautiful rooftop views of the strip

    Here's a link to their wedding & reception packages:

    Here's a link to the hotel itself:

    Here's a couple pics:
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    We had our reception at the Orleans in the Stardust suite.  We had 80 guests, a DJ, dance floor and food/open bar for less than $4000.
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    You can also check out Maggianos - they have 3 separate rooms, but can take down the walls to make it into 1 big room.
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    Do you have the DJ booked yet and are you willing to go off the strip?  If so then check out Rainbow Gardens.  I am having my wedding and receiption ofr 50 people food, dj, beer and wine bar for under $4000.
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    Wow ladies, you have given me some great ideas! Thank you so much :) I'm def going to look into all of your suggestions!
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