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Is this ridiculous?

Hi girls, My FI and I are getting married in Aug. in Vegas. We've had our save the dates sent out for a while now. My FI's best friend and his girl just got engaged 2 weeks ago. They just announced they're having a destination wedding also in June. So it's literally 6 months away and the guys have all mutual friends. So they think somehow our guy friends can come up with the money to go to 2 destin. weddings not even 2 months apart. Am I crazy for thinking this was a BS move on their part? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Is this ridiculous?

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    Well, I won't say I would'nt be upset too...but...this is going to make them look silly because you already sent out your save the dates and most will prob have already made plans to be at yours. So take a moment and don't let it make you too upset and in the end the people who really want to be there will be there =)
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    I think its completely natural to feel that way.  I too have a friend who just got engaged after we did and will be having a destination wedding as well, most likely to occur a few months before ours.  Undoubtedly, some of our mutual friends will only be able to attend one wedding and will have to choose which event to attend.  But, if they're reallly a friend, then they're not planning a wedding destination to spite you.  For all you know, she's wanted a destination wedding her whole life, or maybe have some family/friends drama that makes a destination wedding better, or maybe they could have less guests and it would be cheaper for them in the end, etc.  Anyway, you are not ridiculous.  But, just be excited for the awesome day that you're wedding will be and don't worry about it!
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    I would be upset too, but don't let it get you down.  Like the futuremrs said earlier, just focus on how awesome your wedding is going to be and how much fun you and your FI will have with those you can make it.

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