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caesars palace wedding packages, photographer?

getting married in the juno gardens at cp with one of the packages. it comes with the photog and video. any good or bad expierences. should i use an outside photog or anr they ok.

Re: caesars palace wedding packages, photographer?

  • Caesars, unlike most of the strip resorts, does not use Cashman Photography so you're already coming out ahead of most of the other strip resorts who do.  Cashman has a near monopoly on strip resort chapels and their pricing is ridiculous while quality ranges from average to great, but no way to know what you'll end up with, much more often average than great.

    Caesars' mandatory photographer has gotten reasonable reviews however there was an 'incident' last year.  The quick summary is:

    1) They attempted to post a fake good review of themselves; which is funny given their statements once they got busted.
    2) One of our regulars saw the thread and reported that one of their photographers said something quite inappropriate during her event.
    3) They got outed on the fake review.
    4) They signed up for another fake account and attempted to offer backup to the original fake reviewer.
    5) With their second fake account the owner calls out everyone who frequents this site and says no one takes any reviews here seriously (um then why did you post a fake one to begin with?), the people who hang out in the Vegas forum would rather spend time on the knot than with their spouses, everyone here is still in middle school and has no life.
    6) As if the above wasn't enough, then the same person, Scott (the owner), is stupid enough to call everyone here out on facebook too, adding that we all hide behind computer screens and our marriages suck because we post on the knot all day.

    So... my personal recommendation would be an outside photographer; Caesars will let you use one for a small fee.

    Here's that original thread so you can read more about what was said and their response:


    And, if you scroll back to the May 28 2011 timeframe you'll see their comments are still there on facebook:


    "'the Knot.com' If there are any Knotties out there that think our pics are scary.... Sorry:( You scare pretty easily! If you want straight forward, vanilla flavored, wedding pictures... We can do those too! Just ask for pics like your gramma's and we'd be more than happy to accomodate you!!"

    followed by

    "I've been reading the knot.com recently:( and there are some negative things about us from some negative people. But I know we do the best we can with the work we're given:) and junior high will go on forever for some. it is what it is! Go Wildcats!!"

    "Yes that's easily a possibility. I got my feathers ruffled a little by theses people who hide behind computer screens and do nothing but write about their wedding years into their marriage."

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  • My photos from the in-house photog at CP came out so much better than I had originally expected! 20 were included in my package, but I actually ended up purchasing 20 extra when I got home because I was so pleased. :) I would get another photographer to do your after/before ceremony photos (like a strip tour, etc.), however not to worry... the CP ceremony photos are great.

    As for the video- its nice. It captures the moment perfectly but is nothing like some of the advanced videography you see nowadays that brides pay a fortune for! I was pleased with it, it was included in the package, and now I can look back at my day perfectly. :) 
  • edited January 2012
    Our video was great, and the photos were ok. There wasn't a lot of variety in the photos and they didn't take very many. We also only used Imagine for our ceremony pictures, we had a photog for afterwards and our reception.
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