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Trouble getting in touch with Caesars

Over the past week, I have sent 2 emails and left a phone message with Caesars wedding.  Everytime I call it goes to the recording.  It's been 5 days since my first contact.  Ugh.

Anyone else have this issue?  I really love the gardens but yikes this is making me nervous.

We are coming into town this weekend and I want to see the place, but I'm worried no one will return my messages by then!

Re: Trouble getting in touch with Caesars

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    I wouldn't get discouraged yet; I only say that because the same thing seems to happen with all the resorts from time to time, and plenty of people have had great experiences with them. 

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    Caesers took a little less than a week to get back to me as well. They will get in touch with you soon. If you need a direct contact PM me
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    They tend to be that way. I would call in the morning or around lunch time.

    Don't get nervous, they will call you back.  I got a quicker response via email though.
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    I am getting married at juno gardens. So nice there, in my opinion nicer than the venus and alot more private. If you send me your email I'll send you pics and a video i took. My folks just went last week to check it out and the pool was closed so they asked the security guard outside  if they could see it and he  took them around. They said he was really helpful.
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