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I found THE dress!! (Storytime!)

So I went dress shopping with my Mom & older sister this weekend. I kept flip-flopping from super excited to absolutely dreading it! I had 2 stores to check out. First store was super laid-back. No appointment needed, wander around, pick what you want, then they'll help if you need/want it. Well this was hell. After about 4 dresses that I imagined was the style I would look gorgeous in & I felt like a gigantic beast & was almost crying. I am such a chill person that this was very surprising to not only myself, but my Mom & sister too! I had been looking for flowy, bridesmaid style dresses. The saleslady stuff me into a "real" bridal gown & wow I was in love with how I looked. Tried on a few more & found one that was pretty amazing. I was smiling & twirling & I looked lovely.. but it didn't quite feel right....

So we went off to lunch & off to David's Bridal where I had made an appointment. I was nervous about everything when we got there because I wasn't allowed to wander around the racks myself & my saleslady seemed quiet & uninterested. I showed her a few things I was open to & she started bringing me dress after dress that I never would have thought to try on. I got to bond with my sister by getting her to help me in the fitting room, which was great on it's own. Then came THE dress.... I always thought the people on tv who cried & went on & on were a bunch of crazies looking to get on tv (sorry to anyone here who was one of those! lol) but I walked out & BAM waterworks! Then goes Mom, then goes sister! So we're crying like a bunch of saps & the saleslady says "Oh I'm sorry I checked for your size, but this dress is discontinued & it's the last one in Canada".... I was like WTF!!!!

I said okay whatever I'm tired. Let's go shop some more for non-wedding things, get some food & regroup. We went to Winners (Marshalls-type store for those non-Canadians) but I was too distracted. I was all teary wandering around the store wondering what the heck was wrong with me because it was just a dress & I needed to get over it. My sister was outside on the phone with her husband & I assumed she was doing the "I miss you, no I miss you more" thing so I was kinda annoyed... well turns out that wonderful sister of mine & her equally wonderful husband were scouting the David's Bridal website to see if they could find it online for me!

AND THEY DID!!!! I have to pay currency exchange, shipping & duty but my dress is on it's way to me already!!!! I am SO excited!!!!

The dress is a taffeta gown with a chapel length train. I always said NO pouf, NO train, but when I put this thing on WOW I felt amazing! Then I realized it has pockets!! Even better!! And the best part of the entire thing is that the big poufy skirt detaches to reveal a sexy sheath dress to wear while we party the night away!!!!

Sorry for the super-long story, but I just got home from my whirwind weekend & am just so darn excited!!! Eeeeeeeeeee!!! Here are some pics of the model since the dress wasn't my size & I sorta looked like an amazon in it!

Re: I found THE dress!! (Storytime!)

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