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Newbie with a few questions (Venus Garden)


I'm newly engaged and we are set on a Vegas wedding, been lurking for awhile and finally time to start making plans! Difficult to choose from half a world away (New Zealand) but Venus Garden at Caesars is the front runner and I have a few questions

FI really wants champagne directly after the ceremony in the garden, but this means extra time (at $500) in the garden, has anyone done this?

How far are the Forum Shoppes from the garden? hoping guests can easily find their way between ceremony and reception.

Is it hot enough in April to have fans/programmes for our guests? (keeping in mind our guests will be coming from colder parts of the world)

Think thats it for now, I have JoAnn from CPs contact details as well as reception details from Trevi and PJ Clarkes if anyone wants them.

Re: Newbie with a few questions (Venus Garden)

  • Hi I'm getting married at the Juno Gardens at Caesars palace. Both are very nice but i prefer Juno because its alot more private. I have pics if you give me ur email I will send you them.
     I haven't heard of the champange thing but u have to consider also most hotels dont want outside liquor so you would have to buy it from them at a higher cost and if they would even allow it I dont know
    .April is great weather not to hot probably high 70's and cooler at night, u are in the desert.
     Were doing our reception at the trevi, very cool space. you get the whole top floor as long as u spend a min. of 1500$. Its no more than a 10 minute walk and very easy to find just follow the signs to the forum shops.
    We also have alot of family from England coming so we emailed them all a sort of tips and itenary sheet. Time of wedding walking distance between hotels, maps and other tips. I'll email it to you if you'd like so you can get an idea. Let me know, and congrats
  • I'm a July 2011 Venus bride. We did an 11:30am wedding it was HOT! 

    To answer your questions though:
    1. The Forum Shops are connected to Caesars, so if your reception is at a restaurant there... it will be no problem for your guests to find it. Plus, you can always distribute mini maps of the CP property... showing where your ceremony is and where the reception is. I included a map in my invitations, and I believe I got the file from someone on this board. 

    2. No, April will not be very hot. I almost don't think the fans would even be necessary. It will actually be perfect weather. 

    Just curious... why does your FI want champagne directly after in the garden? For way less than $500, you guys can step inside CP and buy around for you and all your guests of something better than champagne. :) But hey, its your special day and what bride/groom want.. they get! 

  • Hello, I'm getting married at venus garden. I don't know the answers to your other questions but I know if you did book it they do give you a map of the inside of caesars and where the ceremony is. I'm popping them in with the invites so they shouldn't get lost x
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