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Las Vegas Weddings at the Mirage- Pool Waterfall

Hello Ladies,
My fiancee and I got engaged in December and we instantly started looking at venes at home (Chicago area) for the big day. The more we look (and price things out) the better a Vegas wedding looks. Looking at different hotels on the strip and the wedding packages they offer, we both really like the Mirage- Pool Waterfall.

Any reviews from Mirge brides? Also for Vegas brides who traveled to get to the wedding, how did you tackle the obstacle of gettng your dress from your home state to Vegas?

Thanks in advance ladies for any and all help.

Re: Las Vegas Weddings at the Mirage- Pool Waterfall

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    Welcome to the Vegas board, and congrats on your engagement.

    I honestly haven't seen the Mirage pool ceremony option mentioned before but hopefully someone else will recall it being used and can help you out with info.

    Regarding the dress; the three most common options are:

    1) Carry it on the plane.  Depending on which airline you use, your seats (FC vs coach), and how nice the flight attendants are that day, what you get out of this option can vary significantly.  My wife would have been a wreck if her dress was not in her possession from home to Vegas so shipping or packing it was not an option.  We also didn't want to risk there not being room for it so we bought an extra seat on Southwest and she just stuck it in the seat; the price was actually cheaper than what it would have cost to ship it with insurance so it was a win-win.  Depending on the size of the dress, many brides have no issue just folding it over and putting it in an overhead, or if you're in first class and/or get a nice flight attendant, sometimes you can get them to hang it in the FC coat closet.

    2) Ship it in advance.  Based on the size and value of the dress, this can range from very affordable to extremely expensive once insurance is factored in.  In any case, many girls go this route and either ship it to the hotel in advance or to someone who will be taking care of the dress in Vegas.  The most popular option for this is Debi from Her website is not much to look at but she is awesome and very trustworthy; you can ship a dress to her, she'll steam and press it and deliver it to you or to your hotel on the day you want.  Even though we didn't ship, we had Debi come and pick up my wife's dress, all the BM's dresses and all the mens tuxes and she pressed them all and brought them back the next day.

    3) Pack it.  Free and you don't have to find an overhead bin to put it in.  Downside is lost luggage and baggage handler mischief...

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

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