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Sorry if this posts twice, my first seemed to disappear! Is it rude not to include and guest or plus one for a destination wedding? I plan on including names of those in a relationship in invites. But the point of a destination wedding was to keep it smaller and more intimate (and costs down). So I didn't want a bunch of randoms there. But since its destination and I'm asking people to buy flights/hotels should they bring a guest? Since its like a vaca for them. I guess they could always bring someone to Vegas, just not to the wedding? I dunno.....opinions please!

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    It's not required, but it certainly would be a nice thing to do if you can afford it.  I know a lot of people who probably wouldn't want to travel to Vegas alone, unless they know a lot of other people that they can hang out with.  We did offer a +1 to all of our single guests and only had 1 or 2 bring someone, so it really wasn't a big deal.

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    We aren't allowing plus ones except to two people we talked to ahead of time.  But most of our guest list is either married or in a serious relationship, so our singles list is fairly small, and they all know each other or other people at the wedding, so it won't be a big deal. 

    And actually, I was invited to a Vegas wedding a few years ago and wasn't give a plus one and had a great time!  I was at the "singles" table and made some cool new friends and it was a blast. 
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    Personally I think it's rude to not offer the option for a guest to those who will likely have to spend $500+ to attend your wedding; not sure what the 'official' etiquette standpoint is on that though.

    This question comes up a lot on TK, not just in the Vegas forum, and the general opinion I see most often is it's not your business to decide if someone is 'in a relationship' or not as some may be and just haven't told you, or some are but haven't told you they've actually split up, so on and so forth.  It can just lead to ill will amongst guests when some find out they were not given the option for a guest and others were based solely on your evaluation of their relationship status.

    When we decided on a venue that had a fixed capacity, we did unfortunatley have to cut people who would have otherwise received an invite if we were not giving every non-married guest a +1.  There were people that I did not know at our wedding, but it was probably less than 6, and it was not an issue on wedding day.

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    I know not everyone agrees on this issue...but I did not include +1. We had a small wedding and I did not want any "strangers" witnessing our ceremony. We only had a few singles on the list, and they all knew other people attending the wedding, so it worked out fine. No one complained about it.

    Like I said, others would disagree. But my personal opinion is you should do what you're comfortable with.
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    I think it depends on your guest list.  You should probably give one out of courtesy if your guests are not familiar with one another so they won't feel too left out, especially if you have a larger list and won't have a lot of time to mingle with those single guests.
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