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Hi ladies, I'm a newbie and I have a couple questions.
 I will be getting married at the Valley of the Falls at Mandalay Bay on June 15, 2012. I have also already booked my reception at Mandalay Bay in one of the ballrooms. I'm ashamed to say I still haven't even seen any pictures of what the ballrooms look like(Which I'm very worried about). I booked all of this before joining the siteFrown. I thought it would be easier for my guests if both the cermoney and reception were at the same place. Well now I really wish I had been on this site before I sent in my deposit. I have been seeing all the great reviews about Maggino's and I'm loving that place. I'm also realizing how much money I would have saved there rather then MB. MB is expensive now that I have looked around at other places. Well now that my deposit is in it's too late to change my mind.

But anyway can anyone please tell me some good things they might know about MB catering. I haven't seen to many people take about it so I'm hoping there are some out there. Maybe it could help me with second guessing my choice. Thank you girls!

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    I'm getting married at Valley of the falls too but having an in-suite reception there. Sorry I don't really have anything to contribute about their catering, the only reviews I've seem for Mandalay Bays catering (that I can recall anyways) was vfriday used them for their in-suite and I believe she liked them, here is her reviews:

    I believe Isvensson is also having her reception in a ballroom or foyer at Mandalay Bay and having them cater so she might have some more info for you.

    ETA: I know how you feel. I think I've second guessed every decison thorough this whole wedding planning process, but I know when the day comes I'll be happy I stuck with my first choices...I hope.
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    We looked into doing our reception in a ballroom at Mandalay Bay, before we booked Trevi. Our contact was Cheryl Gold. She was extremely helpful and responsive. I am sure your reception will be gorgeous.
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    Thank you for that link I will check out her review.
    Yeah that second guessing I think just comes with the wedding planning no matter what!

    I was working with Cheryl I think in the begging but got switch to someone else for some reason. Thank you, fingers crossed!
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    I looked into a ball room before settling on a restaurant buy out at MB; honestly the ball rooms were nothing to write home about, they're in the convention center and basically just big 40 foot tall (just a random guess) rooms with no real decor other than that contemporary Mandalay feel from the colors, carpet, etc.  I figured once I spent enough money to make the room not feel like just a big room, I'd come out the same as renting something more personal.

    Regarding food, haven't heard anything bad about MB group dining, but we don't hear about them too often on here as most people getting married at MB seem to do an in-suite or restaurant rental.

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