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best man problem-- please help!

So we agreed to have 1 Best Man and 1 Maid of Honor. My fiance's bf lives in Chicago & still hasn't bought his airline ticket. I tried to cut him some slack as his wife just had a baby last month. FI called him over the weekend and recieved this text: "I'm having problems with my wife. I'll call you soon."

So, now I would like a Plan B, but fiance just keeps saying it is up to me.

So I guess we can either: have my MOH walk down the aisle, stand on my side, and have uneven sides or have MOH walk down the aisle and then have a seat. Or fiance could ask someone else to stand up, but I feel this is kinda weird because it is so close to our date, and may seem like they are an after thought.

Any other ideas that I am overlooking?


Re: best man problem-- please help!

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    Well that sucks! But I would go with having your MOH take a seat if he is unable to make it, and you are right it's better to not replace people in the bridal party, people will have hurt feelings.
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    I definitely wouldn't ask anyone to stand up unless Best Man definitely backed down, but it still feels like an afterthought. Thanks Stinker!
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    Agree with letting moh just do it
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    I agree. I am still iffy about whether the FI brothers are actually going to go through with being his groomsmen..but either way im having my sisters be my bridesmaids and have a seat if they walk alone.
    Don't worry...itll work out :)
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    I agree with PP, have your MOH walk down then have seat. I hope it all works out for you.
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    Definitely don't replace the best man.  That would only make the replacement feel crappy (plus you're only 3 weeks out!). 

    My sister is my MOH and the only member of the wedding party.  Everyone is standing for the ceremony, so I'm just having her walk down, then take a step back with the rest of the family during the ceremony.  Everybody seems happy with this.
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    Agree with PPs, don't replace him. 
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    Can't you MOH stand next to you even if there isn't a best man?  Sure, it won't look perfect, but then you still have her at your side.  Making your maid of honor sit doesn't seem right to me.  Just my opinion.  Wouldn't replace the best man this late in the game unless there is someone else who would really fit the role. 
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    Yah I thought about having MOH stand anyways, but I don't want ppl to be thinking, man fiance has no friends! hah. If I were a guest at a wedding like that, the thought would cross my mind!
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    Dvohnut: You can't go by what people've got to go with what's right for you.  At least that's what people have been telling me.  (My FI's brother is his third and last groomsman and my sister isn't even in the bridal party...long story.)  No matter what you choose, you know your day will still be fantastic!
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    Thanks for the support ladies! Fiance heard from best man via text and assured us he would be there. But as far as I know, still hasn't purchased a plane ticket. I am going to wing it. If he shows, great. If not, I'll ask MOH what she feels comfy with doing!
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