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hi everyone,

just curious for the knotties who have gotten married in summer months, how was the temperature?  we are postpoing our wedding until next summer/fall and trying to decide on a wedding date.  my parents are in their late 60s so i'm concerned about the heat during the summer months.  any feedback would be greatly welcomed..thanks in advanced!

Re: temperature?????

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    Hi there!

    I am not a local, but there are a bunch here. If you follow the temps in the summer you will see that now it is over 100!!! That would be so hot!

    Good Luck
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    Yeah Vegas in summer is hot dry heat. I have been twice, one of those times was in early August and there was a heat wave - it was 118. Be prepared for possible weather in the hundreds!
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    I am not a local, but it is SUPER hot there. Even at night, it is hot! If you really want to go in the summer, I would recommend an indoor wedding & don't plan on dragging yoiur 60 yr old relatives around the strip.
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    I am local and while I've lived her my entire life and love it here, it's just downright HOT right now.  July and into August is monsoon season so even though it may not seem that bad for other parts of the country, when you add 20-30% humidity to 105+ days, it's just UGH.  If you're also considering fall, September can still be pretty hot, but last year I was already wearing long pants during the evenings the last week of September.  Hope that helps.
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    I am local and I will add that it is super hot right now! I think that mid to late September and all of October are the best times for weddigns here. I myself am getting married in October. I did here a rumor though, that you can get better deals during the summer months. September and October are the most popular months for weddings here, so they book quickly sometimes for higher rates. Another thing to consider is that October tends to be fairly windy here, so you may want to make sure there is a indoor back up at the venue. All in all, the fall is great here. If your lucky, you still can have pool weather!
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