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Concern - Cobblestone Hall

I am interested in Cobblestone Hall.  (It's on my short list of 25 venues to tour)  The coordinator/employee that emailed me info stating she can tour Tue-Fri 10-12 and 2-4 and some Saturdays by appointment.  This is fine for me because I work Mon-Fri 8-5.

My fiancee works 10-7 Tues-Saturday and can't get time off because he just started there a few months back.  She stated she is not able to tour it on Sundays because she is committed to her family evenings and Sundays.

My question is, should I just cross this one off the list? 

Re: Concern - Cobblestone Hall

  • I would say no, unless you really aren't interested in it.
    What I would suggest, if you are interested in this location is maybe go with a good friend for your first tour, and see if you still like it. If you do and it's worth showing to your FI, then try and maybe see if she could do a late tour during the week or something or even an early morning tour on Saturday?

    The first time I went to the venue that we had our ceremony and reception at, I went with my MOH because DH couldn't go. Im very glad we still went :o)
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  • I wouldn't cross it off your list - if you're working with Kaitlin, that woman and that venue is booked solid.  They sometimes have events Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday.  I think that her statement of keeping Sunday evenings to herself and her family isn't a bad one.

    I think Psych's recommendation is a great one.  If he still is really adamant about seeing it, that place is full of windows - just peek in! :D
  • I went to a really nice wedding there 2 weeks ago, I would give it a look!
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