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AW - My Dress, PIP. It finally fits

I bought my dress in like June I think it was, and until now it finally fits comfortably.  I love it!  Now that I've seen it when it fits I don't think I'll want to change into my reception dress, so I'll probably wear that for the Meet & Greet.  I've also decided not to wear a veil with it, will get a vintage type brooch instead.  Not sure how I want to wear my hair, thought I wanted it similar to how I had it, but may wear it down or half way up.  Later when I got home I pulled a little of it back, pic below, and I did like that better than how it was with the dress-looked a little heavy. (I'm s hair freak, and my bangs are way to heavy right now-that's what you get for trying to save money by trimming them yourself!)

It still needs to be pressed and the only other thing I may do is add some tulle to the bottom under the dress to make it flare out more, we'll see though.

Anywho, wanted to share, as I love it!  Oh and I won the Biggest Loser contest too, lost 14.2 lbs., which was more than I thought I'd lose!  Now to keep it off will be the hard part.

Hair Pic - Sorry so big, can't figure out how to make it smaller!

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