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Tipping a hotel wedding coordinator?

I originally posted this few days ago, but TK ate my post.  :-\

But was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on tipping the hotel wedding coordinator?  We're working with Mandalay Bay Chapel/The Mix Restaurant and our WC is great so far.  Since we're a few months out, so I know she won't really do the heavy lifting until 45 days before the date (September.) 

Anyone mind sharing the percentage or the amount that they are tipping their WC/have tipped their WC?  I don't know if I want to do a percentage that I would normally tip for typically services because that would be $$$$$, so I'm wondering what is reasonable.


Re: Tipping a hotel wedding coordinator?

  • I'm also wondering this.....also using mb chapel
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    "Wedding Coordinator

    We recommend the wedding coordinator tip could be between $25-$100 depending upon their service and how well they helped things to run smoothly."


    I would personally adjust this amount based on the cost of your ceremony (e.g. - if you're spending $15k, you may want to tip more).

  • We didn't tip ours. We didn't feel she did anything "extra" that was outside of her job. We did send a TY card though.

    In the end that's up to you and you could use the link that nycheryl posted.
  • We tipped ours...But we tipped everyone that deserved it. Not that we had the money but felt that they did such a great job. We tipped the DJ and our reception coordinator. Both $100...the chapel people dont do anything out of the way so i think unless your having your reception there too then i wouldnt worry about it...:).
  • I agree--Tip to those who deserve it. I plan to tip my WC, as she is providing a service, and that is what TIPS means--To Insure Proper Service.
    (It's a waiters JOB to serve you, as hired to do. You tip him, right?) JMHO. Personally, my WC is answering my emails/questions very promptly, etc. Is this her job? YES. But I feel a great WC can really make or break a day, that does not get a "do over!" If taking care of her, is going to get her to take care of me...I am on it. Money well spent! (I kinda put that out there when I met her. I think she is aware that if her services are pockets will be lacking. Perhaps this is why she has been so great to work with! LOL) Now, if she isnt doing a good job and/or if things get screwed up on your day--thats a totally different story! A tip is not deserved!  I think the answer to this question will vary depending on personal beliefs, and how well the WC performed.
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  • If there isn't a WC fee In your package maybe the usual 20% rule might work. If she's worth it....
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  • Depends... if the WC owns their own business or already gets a kickback from the package fees you're paying (like an extra gratuity charge already included in the cost), usually you don't tip as they're getting their own profit cut.  If there isn't it's better to if you can, especially if they did a good job and/or went above and beyond to make your day go well.
  • Thanks everyone! It says on our invoice that gratuity is included in the package price (MB Ultimate Mix package.) Paying by percentage is how we would normally tip people (and would probably make sense in a normal wedding where there was a separate cost for things like a photographer and caterer and minister fee.) But since this is a package deal with the hotel and the whole she-bang is rolled up, 15-20% would end up being thousands of dollars. Our WC is great so far but she would really have to dazzle me in order to shell that out! My Fiancé is looking more along the lines of $100 to $150 and I'm still not sure how I feel about that. I'd like to do more but we'll see how it goes closer to the date...
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