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Am I Missing Something? OYY!! **Looonngggg**

We're having a short engagement and I thought that I was on point for the most part, not thinking I would need a Day of Coordinator and now I'm plotting out details and I'm worried I'm leaving out something important or that my idea of how the day will go is completely ridiculous.  This is my draft...please tell me if it makes sense or too little time is dedicated.  I tried to maybe "overbudget" for time such as photography.  This shouldn't take this long but getting people in and settled may take a few minutes to get started, move locations, etc. 

Background info:  Wedding is at a resort...everything is within a 5 minute drive.  Reception is at the Terrace where below is the ceremony site at the gazebo on the lake.  Ceremony: 5:30, Pre-Reception: 6, Reception: 6:30

11-2 : Bridesmaids Hair + Mine 
We're somewhat casual,we will just be having hair up-dos, 6 ladies plus myself, I just have a headband...I like it simple! 
12:00 : Feed the ladies (guys will be doing their own thing)
12  :  We can start tying chair sashes and placing centerpieces for 120 chairs and 13 tables, other linen placement will be done by venue 5.5 hours to complete this task, My mom and two sisters are doing this
1:30 : Flowers will be delivered and someone will be available to take these to the guys and girls
2:00-3:30 - Makeup appointment for Maid of Honor and Me, We are the only ones getting makeup done, the resort said it would be around an hour for mine, half for MOH
3:00 - Cake delivery!  They will be setting this up for us
3:00-4:00 : Guys Pictures  We have two photographers, most pictures will take place around the gazebo area, guys will do the golf course after finishing at gazebo
3:30-4:30 Ladies pictures  Once the guys finish up at the gazebo area, ladies will go for pictures
4:30 - Quick freshen up for ladies
4:45  -  Guys head down to gazebo area to prepare to escort guests, honorary bridesmaids head to table to pass out programs and have guests sign guest book
5:00 - Ladies head to terrace to wait for ceremony start
5:15 - FI and Pastor head to gazebo
5:20 - Dad and I arrive (or once coast is clear)
5:30 - Rock and Roll! DJ is doing music for ceremony, has done the venue several times so knows the time frame necessary for music timing, Pastor has the ceremony order under control...Begin!
5:50 - Ceremony complete, pictures (quickly!)
6:30ish - Head up to terrace for WP intro, 1st dance, eat, drink and be merry

Advice?  I nearly had my first real dysfunctional stress out moment thinking that I may have forgotten something important! Eeek!

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Re: Am I Missing Something? OYY!! **Looonngggg**

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    In my opinon, a DOC is worth every penny. I had one and none of my family had to do anything but show up. I would suggest trying to find one if you have it in your budget since you seem to be stressed. Just try not to stress and remember in the end you're getting married!!
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  • ecuchikaecuchika member
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    I would have something lined up for the recption.  like
    first dance

    if you dont have somethuing like that already

    i can't think of anything you missed.

  • wlfpkbridewlfpkbride member
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    I also recommend a DOC. I think I would have lost my mind if it wasn't for mine. At the very least, delegate someone just in case something goes wrong...maybe have a family member or close friend handle things. I only had my coordinator for the rehearsal & ceremony to save $. My venue pretty much handled anything for the reception so I didn't really NEED her for that. I did have a cousin & a friend transport things from the ceremony to the reception...that was a huge help. I also recommend giving someone your phone to answer. People were calling DH for directions after the ceremony...we included directions from the ceremony to the reception on the programs! I almost lost it.

    I would allocate a little more time for pictures after the ceremony. We set aside an hour & we were late getting to the reception because it took my sister forever to bustle my dress. 
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    It doesn't look like you are missing anything, but I also haven't even begun to think about my day of timeline either... I'm dreading it.

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    Thanks everyone! I feel a lot better!

    The reception timeframe is in place with all of the toasts, special dances, etc.  Our DJ had a fabulous worksheet for everything in the reception.  I feel really great about that. 

    My venue will do a large chunk of things...which is good for me but my mom on the other hand...I hope that they do it how "she would do it" or I will hear about it for the rest of my Can you believe they threw those chair sashes on like that?! I would have done it like x, y, z" 

    I soooo appreciate the advice!

    Favorite thing about fall...Florida Football!

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    haha.  I love the quote about your mom.  Mine is the same way!!!
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